Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yogashastra Saara

Mumukshus resort to the practise of Yogashastra to achieve special abilities and gradually Moksha .One who practises yoga he is relieved of all sins day by day .ChittavruttiNIrodha ,this type of yoga enables one to achieve dhyan of Lord Narayan even amidst daily chores of life.

  • By the pranayama namely Rechaka ,Puraka,Kumbhaka
  • Yama niyama like ahimsa satya asteya bramhcharya aparigraha etc
  • Chakshuradi Indriya Nigraha [control of senses]
  • Dharana of type Khandasmruti [ability to concentrate in bits and pieces and regular intervals]
  • Gaining control over antahkarana
  • when one attains Dhyana of Sri Narsimha as the one who is without destruction, lord of everyone ,holding Gada [mace] , atisukshma among sukshma , complete with knowledge and happiness and one who controls the whole universe one attains samadhi.
  • When one sitting in a lonely place ,concentrating on small light  the inner heart where the Lord of Lords Srinarayana resides ,That Lord knows all the minds of people ,resides in everyone's heart and one who can burn all the people like arani ,one must meditate this lord as ourselves subservient to him.
  • This meditation should continue till aparoksha and even after that varnashrama dharma [karma] must not be left.
  • Relinquishing the desires is TAPA , and the knowledge of difference between Jeevatma and Paramatma is VIDYA .Each without the other is like chariot without horses or horses detached with chariot .
  • Just as rice is mixed with honey , these Tapa and vidya together forms best medicine for  disease named samsara.
  • Just as two wings of birds enables it to rise towards its goal , these wings tapa and vidya in coherence gives the goal named Moksha.
  • Vidya and tapa and Yoganishtha  as prescribed by Muni Harita ,when practised by Bramhin ,he very soon leaves his sthoola deha and lingadeha and achieves the Vaikuntha.


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