Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Prahlad had a dream that Lord would appear to him in the form of Narsimha. Firmly believing it , he started meditating on it. He also induces other rakshasha students into bhakti of hari. Finally when His father asked him if his God was present in the pillar , he affirmed , with his sword Hiranyakashipu broke the pillar , but Narsimha emerged from it and killed the Hiranyakashyap. Lord was in a ferocious form , all the dieties had gathered to pray Narsimha , but none had enough courage to approach the lord. He was akin to pralaya rudra which makes a hat out of te bosy of Rudra the ahankar tattva.
Thus everyone made Prahlad as frontrunner to pacify Lord as it was on his request that lord appeared. Lord licking prahlad affectionately , asked him to ask for a boon. Prahlad denied. As his bhakti was nishkaam one and he desired nothing but lord 's bhakti. Lord repeatedly persisted in coaxing prahlad to seek a boon. He offered him three worlds' lordship , even moksha etc but prahlad refused to seek them . After much insisitence Prahlad spoke thus " oh lord , externally you seem to be coaxing me to seek a boon , but internally [ as antaryami you seem to be inspiring otherwise] ,oh lord this is but your leela , you are the regulator of minds of the people .

note : even our minds are regulated and controlled by the Lord. thus externally when he apppears to be asking to seek the boon , internally he inspires the people to go according to Dharma . Dharma is nishkaam karma. satvik bhakti . karma only for Vasudev prithyartham.

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