Thursday, March 5, 2009


  • People say one gets moksha by seeing the God.
  • Many Yogis meditate to see the lord .
  • Many engage in the penace to get a glimpse of God.
  • But Krishna was seen by everyone in the Mahabharath
  • Why did everyone not go to moksha
  • Duryodhana also saw the Lord
  • Why diod he not go to Moksha.instead he went to andhatamas.

Seeing Lord is definitely the last step in attaining the Moksha.But Lord has to be remembered with complete knowledge and devotion [ to one's extent of capacity] . this capacity if not acquired then one always makes some kind of mistake in understanding the Lord ,even when he is present before us or in the mind in the dhyana.

Hwen we completely understand him to best of our capacity and then when we recite Om with complete understanding [nidhidhyassana of all the concepts [guna] of God as per our complete swarup gyana after aparoksha] then such a recitation will cause openeing of sahasrara AND moksha.

In avatar due to our karma and lesser understanding , even when we see him we may mistake him for a relative ,friend ,or human. our mind cannot be completely be conscious of his almightiness . Even the greats like yudhisthira and Arjun faltered on this . Thus they were coreccted by th Mukhyaprana.

So Knowledge is more important than seeing the God. Gyan comesd by upasana of Mukhyaprana and vedvyasa. .

Duryodhan and others though only of hate when they saw krishna and thus it resulted in narakaIts frought with danger with less knowledge when faced with lord . thus even greats have trembled fearing his displeasure . and declared " oh lord we are incapable of praying you as we do not know your glory , kindly give us the knwoledge to pray you and praise you " .


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