Saturday, March 7, 2009


Ajamidha at the time of death , looked at his son named Narayana , he called him affectionately but could only utter nara , yet he attained moksha .Ajamidha had spent all his life in sins yet a last minute rememberance of lord gave him Moksha.
is it really possible?
Even greatest of Yogis fail to remember Lord in his full capacity and glory at the time of death . They somehow get attracted to some thing mundane [ like jad bharath getting attached to a deer] and go to that loka after death. Then ajamidha managed to remeber God at the time of deth . One who could not even spare time to do normal bramhinical duties all his life how could he immidiately recall the need to remember God at the death via his son's name.
Lesson obviously in the story is to keep the names of offsprings as that of lord Vishu to gain as much punya as possible and at the death a possible call to a son might result in callto the lord.
But in case of Ajamidha , he recalled the entire vedas at a strtch with the meaning of OM through nara and immediately his sins got burnt and instead of Yamaduta , Vishnuduta carrued him to Vaikuntha.
As in previous posts it is neccessary to remind that one gets moksha only after h has exhausted prarabdha. In case of Ajamidha [he was aparoksha gyani] only papa prarabdha was left . Thus he sinned all through his life[ as aparoksha gyanis do not have to bear the consequences of future papa as well , ther is no papa lepa] he could be brought back to mainstream muktiyogya gati by a novel means of calling the Lord's name at death ensuring Moksha. This highlights the merciful nature of Lord Narayana , who forgives the sins of a bhakta and grants him moksha by mere thought at death.

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