Monday, March 9, 2009


Gangasnana gives one moksha. How?
By gangasnana one cleans up ones sins .When cleansed off sins , one's heart is pure [ shuddha antahkaran ] this facilitates the inclination towards right knowledge . this also induces one to read shastra or listen to puranic lore . This leads to Bhakti towards Narayana. Bhakti makes one make efforts towards Moksha and Bimbasakshatkara. This leads to Moksha . Thus ganga snana lays foundation towards Moksha. But mere Ganga snana does not one makes one go to vaikuntha. If somebody's questions after taking a dip in Ganges and asks " Look am I in Vaikuntha ?" This is the answer by Srimadananda Teertha.

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