Wednesday, March 18, 2009


  • Narayana is present everywhere! how?
  • He is infinite insize . All jeevas are finite in the size.
  • LaxmiDevi is also infinite insize.In this attribute she is equal to the Lord.
  • Now when wesay infinite ,isit unidimensional ? no !
  • God is infinite in infinite dimensions
  • When he is present everywhere ,He is still capable of making himself available as finite [person in avatar]
  • As vasdev he is vyapta,supports the universe ,yet he can appear within himself.
  • While moving .God does not move like we move from oneplace to the other.When we move our movement is conspicuous by our absence at previous place.In case of God his movement does not pre-empt the previous presence.
  • Thus he can appear anywhere without delay.
  • Thus he can witness the entire world and everyperson simulataneously.
  • This is achintyadbhutshakti of Narayana

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