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In Mahabharath Lord Krishna lifts the chakra to assault Bheeshma ! This is a very interesting scenario from the philosophic point of view. why? Because Lord had vowed not to particpate in the war. He had motivated Arjun to fight the war . Bheeshma was fighting a just war on behalf of Duryodhan only to honour his words [vow]. War was going on in its pace without seemingly any conclusive effects. This had upset Krishna [ God never gets upset, one gets upset only when something out of our control is bound to happen or happening or there may be fear of such events, these qualities cannot be attributed to Lord] Thus this act of Krishna is surprising. Bheeshma was just overwhelmed at the prospect of getting Killed by Vaudev and runs to embrace death. But Arjun halts Lord and persuades him to occupy his seat as sarathi.
So what was the purpose of this rash display?
If Krishna wished that Mahabharath should be decisive war , he can very well make it as all the warriors were his pratbimbas and souls under his command. He could have just spearheadeda fierce war within one of his devotees [ Arjun for instance was specially motivated for it].
Wasn't there a display of faultering on his words[ which God never does , but he threatened to do so , for whom and or what purpose?]
Was Bheeshma so invincible that he could be extolled by Lord in this manner . or was he angry on the Bheeshma for disrupting his intentions?.
Lord krishna is present in everybody's heart , he drives them to perform karma . But he never forces them , he creates ample opportunities to devlop the jeeva into a gyani and base his actions on pure knowledge , knowledge that gives insight into the mode of operation [karma] in accordance with hari 's intentions. Arjun had promised to wage a sincere war , but was very inefficiently fighting against Bheeshma , this was in no way a dharma yudhdha, Both Beeshma were behaving as if they were foirced to fight [as they cannot go against Krishna] and yet were not fully interested in fullfledged war. Bheeshma had a smaal hope that after few days of fight both sides will forget enemity and reunite. Arjun was in no mood to vanquish Grandsire [ it was akin to a freindly duel between the young and the old pals.] This was what upset Krishna heavily , one must abide by the lord , from the heart and not just by lip service. seriousness had left good senses of both the warriors . Thus krishna declared , " do not think I am dependent on you people to finish this war , if not adhered to the order [dharma] the I would myself finsih this in a second. [ While giving discourse of Geeta , Krishna had repeatedly told that I have decided to kill these kaurava and hence they are already dead. You will kill them Arjun , even if you fail to listen to my advice I shall get these evil killed , that too by your own hands , know thy to be subservient to me, but You shall attain hell ! but if willingly and with knowledge you perform this act , you shall gain fame and heaven and my apprecaitin] . This was what Arjun reminded again by this act. Hereafter Arjun fought with greater vigour. And Bheeshma gave away the desire to hold the post.
Those who are desirous of victory in war must meditate Lord as Chakradhar. When faced with many enemies this meditation will give immediate relief.

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  1. There is one more reason for this. Since Krishna had vowed not to use any weapon during the war, Bheeshmacharya had counter-vowed that he will somehow make Krishna take the weapon. It is the kaarunya of Krishna bestowed upon his great bhakta to fulfill Bheesma's desire.