Thursday, March 26, 2009

Srikrishna -Sandhi doot

Srikrishna went to advice peace to Dhrutarashtra and his sons. But Duryodhan and other 100 brothers decided to imprison Lord.[ what a foolish thought] this thought single handedly entitled 100 brothers to die at the hands of Bheema . Even Vikarna [ who had showed off his knowledge of dharma in Draupadi vastraApharan episode without conviction] had now defaulted and became fit for death in war.
JAgatpati can he be bound , by nurturing such thoughts evil binds istelf forever in agyana and andhakaar. LOrd rightly shows his Vishwaroopa to Dhrutarashtra [giving him divyadrishti] and asks him to control his sons . His putravyamoha had reaped into a crop of kauravas [ the seeds of mind develop as sons and offsprings] heading for downfall. All other kauravas unable to see the Lord close their eyes. Dhritarashtra begs pardon from Lord and pleads to return to normalcy.
Here again worth noting is the point Lord chides Dhrutarashtra and not Duryodhan , he could have controlled Duryodhan's mind to get him devotional , but Lord does not do so . He left Duryodhan to attain hell .
Even though the entire world is in the control of Lord , he enacts as per the karma and swaroopa of the soul. Though Sandhi was not desired it was enacted to establish a norm of striving for peace in all possible manner sacrificing all personal motives . Thus importance of peace has been glorified in this incident.


  1. Yashoda also tried to tie the Lord with a rope. Was she not punished ?

  2. "the seeds of mind develop as sons and offspring"

    Please explain...

  3. whatever one thinks and aspire are manifested as fate of SON