Monday, April 6, 2009


Lord Krishna reduces the excess  punya of his devotees . For this he is glorified in vedas as Aidhmandhwit. EXcess punya , ie punya accrued more than the capacity of a soul ,is an hinderance to the soul to attain moksha. Thus this excess punya has to be either exhausted by enjoying it . or destroyed by uncanny karma. [ enjoyments will naturally be those that are not befitting the grade of the soul ,thus he has to enjoy greater happiness, which he is not entitled to, or sin in a manner not fit to his status.


  1. BAlaram being always in inebriated condition and commanding SHri KRishna . As Laxman he had done excess punya of serving RAm , now that has to be reduced by calling commanding Krishna and at times being unhappy with him , going against him during Subhadra marraige.etc
  2. Karna siding with duryodhana and abusing pandavas , facing failure in every thing he undertook . As Sugreeva he had done excess punya and thus sided opposite Krishna to reduce it .
  3. Sugreeva enjoying Tara on account of excess punya.
  4. Gautam Losing his punya by cursing INdra
  5. MAndhat losing his punya by cursing YAma to become sudra , Yama takes birth as Vidur .


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