Thursday, April 2, 2009

BHoot preta pisachadi bhayam nasti kadachana

At mantralayam , etherial beings cannot enter or remain seems to be a common belief. Also every stotra speaks of these beings causing terror can be kept away. As every other stotra or kavach or mantra phalashruti religiously mentions about these beings , it should have a paramount significance. So why is it found near temple areas . WHich authority allows them to stay near these sacred places.
Mantralayam is abound with stories of such beings present by the side of river tungabhadra . Those having a habbit of taking bath at 3 am can swear by rayaru and recount innumerable experiences with this ethereal forces.
Every new case that enters the temple premises recounts its own story and never fails to mention the peace it is getting in the vicinity.
Raghavendra swamy is so generous that he has granted peace and serenity to these unfortunate beings and allowed them to carry their remaining life in ethereal body in the service of lord Pradyumna .
But ethereal as they are their very presence emantes interest from humans and some sense of extra ordinary always appears in such interactions.
Many such beings are by the banks of tungabhadra surrounding the temple performing austere services, even places occupied by them if occupied by humans cause heavy disturbance , especially the south corners , where every one who falls asleep on the altar keeps falling down on the ground. many a times posseses seem to be very fond of teertha , what makes them aspire is relief from tantric activities ,that they have undergone,relief and taste of freedom from such captivity is assured by Raghavendra swamy.

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