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Maryada Purushottam Ram

Bhagwaan Ramchandra , the son of Dasharath ,the very God has enacted many leelas [ acts that creat illusions in the minds of people] . All through the avatara Lord illustrated how a ideal human should live a life .Though he remained as simple as manushya , people extoled him as Maryada Purushottam Ram .Contrarily in Krishnaavatara however Lord showed his prowess as divine people dismissed him as just a Kshatriya or Yadav.

Yet certain incidents in Ramayana clearly depicted his divine nature

  1. Vishwamitra asking Dasharath to send Ram to kill the rakshas [ These rakshasas could not be killed by Dasharath or any other kings nor could they be destroyed by the curse of Vishwamitra ]
  2. Breaking Shiva Dhanush [ The whole world could not even lift the dhanush , but mere touch of Ram broke the bow]
  3. Fight ensuing between Parshuram and RAM [ both are vishnu ] they appeared to be different and fought to create illusion.
    • Because , once there  was a demon named Atul ,he completed great penance and asked Bramha a boon that he wants to pervade the entire universe. As only Lord Vishnu alone can pervade entire universe , Bramha asked him to stay in a PArshuram's stomach . But he could pervade entire universe only till he does not think Vishnu as seperate from himself. ie There is no difference between Vishnu and his avataras and there is no difference among avataras as well .
    • As fight ensued between the Parshuraam and Ram , Parshuram enacted to be very angry with Ram as he was Kshatriya and also he broke the Shiva Dhanush which was given by Parshuram .
    • But Ram seemed to vanquish Parshuram and as astras flew towards Parshuram and Parshuram showed himself weak against it , Atul inside starteed fearing for his life and contemplated that Parshuram was different from Ram and he would die if any astra hits Parshuram.This contemplation killed Atul and put a stop to his allpervasiveness.
  4. Accepting exile on Father's words rejecting coronation
  5. Relieving Ahalya from the curse of Gautam by mere touch of his toe.[ clearly divine]
    • Not only Ahalya had shap vimochan ,this was simply not enough ; Gautam had cursed her in anger , she needed her husband's love and affection too mere restoration of body was not enough . {INDRA particularly had requested to restore love and affection between the couples]
    • Story goes , in olden days all the men and women were born equally beautiful and had same features common and equal . Thus there was no jealousy or misery owing to possession of beauty.
    • Bramha once insoected all the creatures looking alike , he felt bored and created a uniquely beautiful woman called Ahalya . everyone was amused by this new beauty and were secretly hoping to marry her.
    • Bramha after long thought called upon Gaitam to look after his new creation carefully till he finalises on the groom for her.Gautam took care of his new guest but never lusted her .
    • Impressed by the Gautam's dedication and indriya nigraha , Bramha gave her in marriage to Gautam .
    • Gautam had amassed a lot of punya by that time , this would hamper his chances of gaining Mukti . Those who have excess punya have to lose their punya either  by giving away the punya or losing it by misdeeds.
    • Indra hoping to bestow mercy on Gautam , planned to annoy him , he induced feeling of having enjoyed Ahalya in Gautam in wee hours , when he appeared in the guise of Gautam leaving his house.
    • Gautam cursed Indra to have multiple eyes all over his body .
    • Gautam cursed Ahalya [ who had not defaulted at all] to be a stone .
    • GAutam lost interest in the world and went away to forest for penance.
    • Gautam had lost his punya by cursing elders like INDRA.
    • Indra though not at fault had indeed felt bad for Gautam and recommended Ram  to restore love between the couples.[ love between the couples is not a independent feature of humans , even this is also dependent on God], if God wishes two people can always be locked in love]
    • But past incidents can disturb this peace and loving disposition , so INdra asked Lord Ram to give Gautam a vismarana [ forgeting ;selective amnesia] about this incident.
    • This incident shows how merciful lord Ram is !!!!
  6. Using RAM BANA on a crow because it hurt his wife Seeta on the breast.
  7. Running after Golden deer [ even though everyone knows such a deer does not exist ] and weeping for Seeta [ abducted]
    • There were few rakshasa who had done great tapasya and asked Bramha that they wanted to achieve Moksha .
    • Bramha granted they will achieve their goals only when they do not assume seperation [VIYOGA] between LAxmi and Vishnu
    • Laxmi Vishnu are AVIYOGI according to the VEDAS . LAxmi always resides on the chest of NARAYANA as  mole named Srivatsa ! Both Laxmi And Vishnu are equal in space as they occupy every part of the universe and space [ both vyakta and avyakta AKAASHA]
    • Thus Laxmi and Vishnu are never seperated from each other ;
    • Thus Narayana is known as SRIDHAR and Laxmi is known as AMBHRANI as they are never for a moment without each other's company.
    • Thus even when Ravan took [sitakruti] , seetha was still with RAM as Srivatsa .
    • Ram never missed his wife , but he enacted as a grief stricken man asking trees and clouds and lakes about the whereabouts of his wife Seeta.
    • This generated the doubt in the minds of the demons that Ram and seeta had seperated and they were not divine but mere humans who cry at mere separations and long for union. This thought entitled these demons perish from the path of moksha .
  8. Hitting Dundhubhi with toe touch;
  9. Piercing seven zigzag Tad Vrakshas with one arrow
  10. Sitting before the Ocean to ask for a way .
  11. Showing anger on the ocean to dry up if not appeared .
  12. Building a bridge [ every stone scribed RAM floated on the water]
    • All the monkeys were writing RAM on the stones and it floated on the water to be cemented for the bridge.
    • Looking at this RAM lord took one stone and threw it the ocean , it sank .
    • STrange , you write his name ,it has a power to float ,but he himself throws it does not float
    • some say RAM naam is more powerful than RAM
    • This is faulty thinking .
    • Hanuman explains : BY taking the name of RAM we can float in the ocean named samsara [ jeevan maran] and reach the shore named Moksha [ Vaikuntha]; But if ,such lord Ram himself leaves his hand [support] onto us , then we are sure to be drowned in this samsara without recourse. Thus one must always engage in RAM NAMA!!!
  13. Making a saashtanga Namaskara to Ravana
    • RAvana was a bramhin and learned , Lord made  sashtanga namaskara to illustrate ,all bramhins are respectable irrespective of nature.
    • When elders make a sashtanga to the lesser ones , their longevity is reduced .
    • Ram the lord is the greatest GOD , ravana is a mere soul , only GOD has right to the namaskar , thus by this namaskar Ravans punya was absorbed by the lord and his longevity nullified .
  14. War with Ravana
    • Ravana with the boon of bramha had 10 to the power of 32  clones equally powerfull as Ravan hidden in a cave.
    • They all came out of the cave and ran towards the Lord RAM to attack him
    • RAM seemed to be still without movement ,yet all the clones of RAVAN died one after the other with arrows even before they emerged from the cave
    • Hanuman explains ; RAM was so fast in leaving arrows that it defied persistence of vision , thus he appeared still , yet within 1/10 of the second he applied crores of arrows to kill 100000000.............00000(32 zeros) in few minutes.Yet he appeared to others as if he was still doing nothing.
  15. Agni PAriksha :
    • Ravana had never abducted real seeta he had abducted Seetakrutii ,enacted by INdra and Agni [ with Vedavati as instrumental Seeta].
    • HAving accepted it Ram  would have accepted a different woman .
    • Thus Agnipariksha was enacted to exchange it with original seeta who was his Wife .
    • Had Laxmidevi [ Seeta ] were to be in Lanka , Lanka would never have vanquished or Ravan would never have been defeated . Where there is Laxmi[ jaya laxmi ,vijayalaxmi etc] there cannot be defeat and misfortunes. Thus LAxmi could not have been abducted by Ravan to face misfortune.
    • Ram with Seeta ruled Ayodhya for 13000 years.RamRajya.

!!Ram rameti rame raame manorame sahasra naam tulyam tannamparanane!!


Let sri MoolRama bless all of us on this auspicious day of RAMNAVAMI .


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