Saturday, April 4, 2009

Krishna as Sarathi

The mahabharath is the war of senses on behalf of virtues and vices.KAuravas are vices [sins] and pandavas army is set of virtues[punya] . Bheeshma ,Drona ,Kripa ,pandavas etc are all senses . There is great friction that arises in this war that a man [soul] faces everyday.Lord does not interfere directly in this process . Yet he guides the sadhana of the soul [ Arjun] as charioteer seated in the chariot named life. Krishna is pandavpakshapati [ favoured towards pandavas] HE aspires destruction of kauravas [sins , agyana,vipareet gyana] and leads to Moksha.As krishna does not interact directly we see many a times illusions and sadness in our life.  We can overcome them only by abiding by him in our sadhana . ie keep faith in his sarathya. That means as krishna drives our chariot ,he is liable to take us anywhere according to his wishes. We must never doubt his intentions as to where he will take us and keep complete faith him that he will lead us out of darkness . At no time should we feel we  are commanding him because as sarathi he should take us to the place of our choice as well . But do we know the right destination. If we start assuming our independence over him ,it is a folly and leads to destruction like duryodhan and his brothers.But if we totally surrender to him like Arjun , we will win the war of senses and rein supreme with dharma on our side .


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