Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mystical experiences at Tirupati continues again...

Year later I alighted at Renigunta to visit Tirupati Again . It was 1.30 am . I came out of the station , Just then a taxi driver came up to me and said HE would take me up to Tirumala directly [ normal route would be to take a bus to Tirupati and then take a special bus to Tirumala at the available time , this was a good time saver ] . I agreed , he demanded only Rs 200 . That was a bonus . Second he promised to drop just right before the temple to save my time for Darshan .

Then we moved on ,it was a comfortable ambassador car . I dozed off for next few hours and then  the driver called his acquaintance , he gave me tonsure at a nearby guest house, we reached pushkarni , I took a bath and wore a red silk dhoti and red shalya . The driver told he will leave me at a place where i could easily get a ticket for special darshan but that would still make me wait for four hours to get the darshan  as it was a holiday  and bramhotsavam was to commence . I was okay with it , he took me to somewhat backside of the temple , But no tickets were available , I requested for any seva tickets if available. But none were available . Sad as I was , Driver too said he had done his maximum bit , so he said lets drive back to main entrance , on the way he stopped at nearby pedestal [ it was still dark ] , his vehicle needed some attention , he got down , I too came out of the car .

By the footpath someone was sleeping with a blanket on. HE was alone and none other were there nearby . driver was busy with his car bonnet , he went to fetch water , I was standing by the foot of sleeping person.

Suddenly he woke up and asked me " swamy want to have a darshan " I said " yes but seems not possible ", He took some special pass kind of thing out of his pocket and gave it to me and slept again . I hurriedly went to the temple gates , looking at the pass , they took me straight to garbhagudi , Their I joined the archakas for the Tulasi pooja ,

I recited Vishnu panjar stotra , Venkatesh stotra , and gazed with indebtedness n bhakti [ I was so overwhelmed because God was so merciful at a papi , pamar like me , I didn't knew of single outstanding quality in me that would entitle me to such love and affection, thus I was indebted , and my only desire was to fall at the lotus feet again and again ] ,

After a grand tulasi pooja and aarti , I was out of the temple with full bag of laddoos . I was out of temple by 7 am . meanwhile my luggage was in the car itself , The driver was worried , he was waiting at the same spot , He was happy at my sight , I asked where was the person sleeping here , he said no one was there . I told him I had a beautiful darshan , He asked would I like to visit Padmavathy temple . I told I had a train back at 2.30 , would I be able to catch it . He said he would enable me . HE drove fast towards padmavathy temple , there was a huge rush , standing in the queue would mean , darshan by evening ,

I was still in red silk and shalya and tonsured head and Gopichandan , My dress was mistaken for a swamiji , just then some temple insider came by , looked at me bowed at me in reverence , I smiled at him , He welcomed me , with loud cry said , Swamiji had come , all of you give way in tamil , , everyone , cleared the way , I reached directly sanctum sanctorium and Srisukta kumkumarchana and pushparchana were done , with loads of prasadam , I was accompanied back to the car. I stood at the temple Main gopuram looked back ,made  a small prayer . I thought I might have done some good punya in my previous birth for such love is being bestowed by Lord and Laxmi devi . I decided I would serve all my life the lord and prayed for inspiration to do so . I resolved many other things in my life to lead a pious life to justify myself for such divine experience . But slowly I realised , my Parents and grand parents were famous for  daily serving food to atleast  150 people in their hay days , My gotra Mudgal rishi himself was known to be famous for annadana , perhaps being born in his lineage , I had inherited this punya to get such a closer  darshan of Lord  each and everytime . I was also afraid , whether this would end next time , or I was getting attached to this special treatment , but would that not mean I am overestimating myself ,me and mine [  I remembered Purandar dasa  song , "Garva yatako ninage  PAmara manuja ........."] , OH leave it . Let me be  a simple devotee of Lord .

Venkatramana Govinda Govinda .


  1. Amazing, Your experiences at Tirumala!!! I am filled with envy and awe at the same time at your good fortune...... Sri

  2. Lord is overlooking your shoulder guruji!!