Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mystical experiences at Tirupati continues....

Few years later I decided to again visit the Lord VEnkataramana . This time I reached Tirupati by 11 am.

[ for those who do not know ; Tirumala is hill top ,where Lord 's Standing to bless us and Tirupati is foothill ,a bustling city , a bus has to be boarded to to go atop for daraan , at any given point of time  daily estimated 2 lakh gather atop and and at foothills and estimated 60000 take darshan everyday ,that leaves  few seconds of darshan for each after gruelling 5-6 hours of standing in queue for special darshan and full 24 hours in general queue ,this was way back ]

But on that day rush was unusual , the bus stand below itself was so full with people that a ticket way up could be bought only after standing in a queue for 5 hours ,and then after taking the ticket the bus to be boarded would be allocated after 1 hour , you reach Tirumala after another hour and then Darshan delayed for another day. But I had a return reservation the next day . So me trying to stand in the queue was ruled out as that would mean I would be missing my train back.

Oh Venkatesha ! Wont I be able to have your darshan Atop  As I was thinking this I , started reciting Venkatesha Srotra . Just as I finished " RAja dware pathed Ghore Sangrame ripusankate " , Who is Raja , Oh Lord You are the only King for me , mortals dont' make sense as Kings in its true spirit . Raja dware . I am at your doorstep , please Let me in !!!

As I was in these thoughts , a Very plush[posh] car came by  , a man in early thirty's  opened the door , asked me " hey We are only three people in this car , and going  for Darshan atop for the Lord , although this car is our own we plan take somebody smart with us , would you mind joining us  "

Oh what a chance  ! , I jumped at the offer and got onto a rear seat of the Mercedes . Inside the three people seemed quiet educated and all in early thirty's and well settled  People . I was an unemployed youth .After the initial introduction , two of them gave introduction as a GM in two of the best MNC 's in the country , for the third they dismissed him off as a big shot known to them .  Both were unmarried , one was a quite shy person and other was a over and over flirt . They used to stop at every sight of  young lass and he would get down and try to have a chat with her , nearly successful everytime , and as he came back he would make fun of the shy guy and show off his charming prowess . I dismissed it as saying you are in chandra dasa , it is usual to have such success with woman , but you would not be successful to people opposite to your dasa and rasi . HE dismissed my logic as just dogmatic view ,  I asked him take a bet ,  If he could get away with ease with the girl I show , I would walk up the hill , and I serially showed him girls opposite to his nature , and his every attempt was thwarted with either a slap or warning ,after eight attempts he admitted " either his charm has lost or what  was saying made sense " I said the second is more correct , as his dasa was intact , to prove my point , I showed a beautiful girl , and asked the shy One to go and just approach her , he was very reluctant " the smarter one having eight slaps had an adverse effect on him , But everybody forced him out of the car " As he approached her , it so happened they talked for pretty 15 minutes and refused to leave each others company till we had to horn back " { later they  married } . By now all  the three were very much impressed by my analysis , and asked me many questions about their future .

Slowly we reached Tirumala . I got down and thanked them and asked permission to move about my way towards darshan . They held my hand and said , " hey we have come all together we will have darshan also together " Then  as All three came out of the CAR a big team clad in white came Hurriedly towards us and whisked us away , they also pointed to me , and I was also included in the convoy , And within minutes  we were in garbha gudi and I had exclusive VIP Darshan .

"Except Gratitude and indebtedness that Lord took serious note of my words , my questions ,Truly oh Lord you are the King of this universe .As even this second time you made me feel special as You are very special to me , I bow before you with reverence and gratitude , and OH lord let not pride and dambhikta creep into me as I see you divine face and lotus feet , Venkatesha , let my Bhakti grow stronger and stronger and may you call me year after year this way "

As I came out wondering who among us was VVIP , I was introduced to the third Person in  the car by the other two , who was just smiling at me all the while [ HE was son of the personal friend of  then PM ] . and I came back along with them with lots of gifts and cards invitations to the station well before my return journey time .

Bharathi ramana mukhya pranantargata ShriLaxmi Venkatesh supreeto Bhava .

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