Friday, April 17, 2009

Mystical experiences at Tirupati

My trips to Timmappa did not start till I graduated . It was fear of seven and half saturn that made me first make up my mind to go to Tirupati. Just as the day on which my seven and half saturn [sade sati] started, the same morning I was in Tirupati early 4.30am . Well bathed ,I was standing at the gates of speacial darshan Vaikuntham about to enter ,[this was my first trip as an adult independently] , A temple employee came up to me , asked whether I have enough time with me , whether I could spend time till evening in he temple premises? As I had no other work I replied in affirmative .

Then the temple employee said " follow me". I asked where ? he said " we need witness " . For what " For counting of the amount in the HUndi " . It was interesting , I just followed quietly , Slowly I was taken to a room which had cameras all over and like a cage , inside it were variety of boxes ,steel filters etc . There were few khakhi clad people and few archaka and few accountants . One of the officers asked me to sign the register with my name and identity . Then One of the archakas took me to the garbhagudi [ the sanctum sanctorium where LOrd Tirupati BALAJI stands ] via a a backdoor ,the entrance through which main preist enters . They closed the curtain , the door of the garbha griha was closed . All the devotees were made to wait outside ,[ Darshan was closed for others ] NOw it was a exhilarating moment in my life , I the main priest and one more to do aarti were the only people  in the room before LOrd TIrupati Venkataraman ] A grand pooja was made , tulasi archana was done LORD was decorated with Flowers , Then he was bejeweled with ALANKAR and then a grand aarti took place for nearly 20 minutes I was standing before LOrd VEnkateshwara  all alone gazing at him , the beauty which two eyes could never capture , the smile that gives immense peace to the beholder , the lord in his all majesty  was just not enough to take eyes off or think anything else . WHen after aarti , I was asked to go back to the counting session ,I could not think how lucky I am to have started my day with a experience which perhaps could not have been accorded to most influential or wealthy , here I a humble Bramhin , my Lord had called me so close to him . It enhanced the bhakti in me , I felt earlier that Tirupati was the place only where rich and wealthy have their way the poor always spends days to see the Lord . BUT I was wrong , if you love God ardently , he calls you very close .

But I could not believe my luck still , as archaka took me to the counting room it was six am . The bags [hundi coins] were poured in the steel filters , and only five rupees coins filtered out , there were few accountants counting them , I was told to keep a watch on them , as cameras above were moving , Another filtered only two Rs coins ,some filtered only one rupee coins . The whole lot were counted as the counting completed of the coins , it was noted and shown to me , I had to sign each register after making across check .

Then Notes [currency bills] were counted , Then Gold and diamonds were separated , jewelleries and biscuits and slabs were separated , everything was weighed ,  All were noted down , by the time ordeal finished it was 11 am , a pretty five hours grinding inspection . The total was 43.237 lakhs of rupees and etc , and 20 kgs of gold silver and other articles . I signed the register . and As I was about to leave , Archaka held my hand , took me back to the Temple garbhagriha , all doors were close again and Darshan was stopped . The curtain closed , and agin for another 10 minutes I had a eyes full of Darshan , Archaka asked me whether I was satisfied , I smiled , [ CAN we have enough of NArayana]  , He took me to the bhojanshala , I had a sumptuous pulivogare , pongal , vada and curd rice , sweets . then the Archaka handed over to me a a loadfull of laddos and vadas in a plastic bag . He bid me adieu till the gates of the temple .

I was out of the temple by 12 .30 am .

This was my first day of Sade sati [ seven and half saturn ] Aye , saturn is not that bad man ' I said to myself ' . I thanked saturn to give one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life . THe more I think of it the more I fall at the lotus feet of VEnkataramana .

Bharatiramana Mukhyapranantargata Laxmi Venkatesha supreeto bhava .

BUt this was not the only  time , believe me dear friends ,Lord always gave me a  unique experience whenever I went to Lord's abode Tirumala Tirupati . more in next posts .


  1. You are a gifted soul :)

  2. That was awesome! I hope I get the same kind of experience.