Friday, April 17, 2009

Mantralayam - The Mystique

I had very special inclination to rayaru [ i bet everyone has] , with every opportunity available I used to run away to Mantralayam even as we were living central India . In the earlier such visits I found I was slowly accomplishing everything i desired for during childhood ,just by chanting the name of Raghavendra Swamy .

Rayaru was Kalpavruksha [ celestial tree that grants everything] for me .Mantralayam became a mystique place  for me . The mysticism grew as I grew up . But suddenly all that changed , I no longer wished for material aspirations . This was strange , though I knew , I could get it by a mere chant , something in me was not allowing me to go for such practise.

This maddened me . Events were worsening day by day with some hard fought days approaching , but mind was not chanting for desires but instead chants became more intense . I thought perhaps this was effect of Bhagvadgeeta recital . Then I rushed to Mantralayam again . But this time I was not able to even perform seva , my mind wandering  , all I could do was visit the local library and read the granthas , upanishad vyakhyanas . BUT  my answer to the question as to why i am unable to make a sankalpa of ishta siddhi and chant the rayaru japa?

I asked a local scholar , can we really make kamya japa for Rayaru ? The scholar said , nishkaam karma is for the viraktas , for the normal one must employ kamya karma . Moreover , if you need something , don't you ask your father with right . and would you feel it as runa onto your Father  ! NO ! thus Rayaru is the father Figure , there is nothing wrong in asking him your desires.

BUT as I make a sankalpa , rayara dhyana becomes an impossibility ! whats wortha chant without a dhyana. But why am I not able to retain Rayaru dhyana moorthy . HAve I lost ishta siddhi , BUt when without desires , i chanted rayaru dhyana was a spashta , but at the same  time new shastras became clearer and clearer . Slowly I forgot ishtakamya prapti .

Then years passed by seva concept gave way to intense dhyana , no more My body would long for dehik seva , i spent most of the time in japa at tunga teera .

thirdly as I gazed at people around me i found even normal guys who did not have formal education seemed more rich in aura . the canteen guy was also nearly radiant .

I had kept all this thoughts very near to my heart , but One day i could not help but asked my guruji , what was all this about ?

My guruji said , this is a  common experience for all the people [sadhakas ] , Rayaru grants wishes in the initial phases with rapid frequency and slowly the phenomenon stops . why?...........[ next post]

Then he showed me many characters around , one was a staying in mantralayam for 12 years to accomplish something , he had come years ago with a resolution that he would achieve something but 12 years gone by ,he could not ............... [ the reason will be given in next astro blogs] .

Someone was practising 11 namaskara for five years , would not leave mantralayam, then there was a IAS officer retired , he had permanently settled down in mantralayam while on some quest . Many seers expressed sadness at non darshan of Rayaru even in dreams , whereas roadside people claimed they had a divine vision .

One couple had come to Mantralayam for a short visit , and in the after noon after a nap after sumptuous meals , hurriedly went towards the railway station , the train was about to leave back to mumbai , i was also along with them . we were helplessly watching the train speed away before us . Loss of ticket price and a overnight stay all were disheartening, Just then a the canteen bramhin boy came by[ he seemed little retarded ], laughing at us , said " raise your hands call back the train , say raghavendra raghavendra!  , your train will come back " The couple standing were gave him a wierd look , sad as they were , this was becoming another tease . The boy did not give up . he forcefully took the hands of  male among the couple ,raised it and shouted jumping , "Raghavendra Raghavendra ! " the man too hushed Raghavendra Raghavendra ! , and lo the train was coming back in reverse gear  after full fifteen minutes of departures , The driver and lineman ,gangmen all started fighting among themselves for having forgotten to halt for watering .[ Incidentally Mantralayam is a watering station , though officially the stoppage is less , under the pretext of watering trains stop unduly for long time ] .

ANd when we looked back the boy had left hurriedly , we could reach mumbai on same reservation. On my journey back next time I made it a point to inspect this boy and his day today activities . I asked my guruji what rendered this guy [ retarded ] so much aura . My guruji showed me early morning at 4 am this boy sincerely reciting vishnusahasra nama fills the tanks of the locals with a pitcher , thats his lively hood , but reciting vishnusahasra naama , while performing duties for livelihood . He cannot be a normal person.

Gopaldasaru has declared this place MAntralayam is easy for achieving siddhi . Here one need not perform full scale shraddha to pitrus , even if one says " oh father I give this to you and leaves something in Tungabhadra , reaches the manes just like gaya" Devatas reside in this vicinity .

Second I was introduced to a shopkeeper , who could just by waving his hands in air  could tell which part was affected medically ,or was about to get affected, He had mastered pranic healing , he waved from a distant of 10 ft at my uncle and said your heart has blockage , my uncle laughed it out . 10 days later he suffered a severe stroke [but survived ] .

This uneducated shopkeeper , how could he master this art , he waved his hands at my body , he declared I was suffering from abhichara , but since i had no desires in the heart , my vishudha and anahat were clean rest all were disturbed . had i nurtured any desires I would have become insane by disturbed anahat and vishudha .

This was real shocker I refused to believe it .But my guruji agreed with the shopkeeper . BUt guruji , I recite so many mantras ,vayustuti  , how come this happen to me. Because you do the abhichara has not entered your body it is revolving around you . " declared my guruji .

Then I said " i cannot take this like this , i need to inspect , if there is abhichara ,then what is the medium ?"

My guruji told lets go to his guru , we went to archaka of Panchamukhi [ a octogenarian spiritual master] . My guruji requested him to dispel my thoughts . The master smiled , he told I recite a mantra , holding your hand in my hand , I am clean of abhichara , you are carrying abhichara dosha , so my mantra will pull it towards me , the dosha will try to get away from me . so you will experience a jerk . if you get a jerk or a shock , you are affected , else you are not . 

I was a 28 years age well built man, he had crossed 80 so normally he could not pull me physically was a foregone conclusion . But as he recited mantra , i fell pretty 15 feet away in the meanwhile pulling the aged master along with me .

So it was confirmed I had the dosha , but what was the medium , from where did it originate , but who were my enemies ?

An astrological chart was cast , the chart showed the medium was on my body , the origin was in Egypt . now what was the medium on my body , the only thing I was wearing was a gold watch gifted to me as a part of business deal. The master asked me to remove it , he held it in his hands  ,it started jumping in air , then we decided it to put it in the rayaru hundi .

Meanwhile Rayaru restored my ishtasidhdhi and kamyasadhana . I went on to learn more and more things with every seva i continued at MAntralayam . But mysticism too continued with unravelling mystery .



  1. Sri Chiraan,
    I am planning to visit Mantralaya this weekend. I went through few of your posts about the Tirupathi trips and Darshans. Truly you are blessed by the supreme, also these are the effects of punarjanma !
    Am Narendran, an IT professional, unmarried ! I have a deep interest towards the divine and I always had similar experiences like yours where my mom (father expired) would astonish and later discuss about the miracles with her friends! I would thank God for his grace and surrender myself in the lotus feet. It would be great if you could share the information about the shopkeeper .. you can mail me
    I indeed had pleasure reading your blog ...
    Thank you !

  2. Chiraanavare, does this mean the gold watch was gifted to you by a bad man or with bad intentions? Can such gifts given /received cause harm?