Saturday, April 11, 2009


The Rajhamsa is a bird , which has a very peculiar quality  rejecting the impure and accepting the only pure. For example if milk mixed with water is given to it  , it drinks the milk and water filters out through its ears [ this is a popular thought although not witnessed in recent times as such birds are extinct now a days].

SImilarly in this world our karma is like a milk mixed with water ,

  • milk is that which is intended by Lord , water that which is enshrouded by our desires .
  • Milk is the prarabdha tatva of the karma and water is the agami karma .
  • Milk is the pramatma gyana and water is the jad karma .
  • MIlk is the knowledge in the karma and water is the attachement that comes with the karma.

The Yogi  who can absorb the paramatma tatva and leaves out the d tatva like Hansakshir nyaya is entitled to be known as PARAMHANSA .Such people do not have any karma lepa and are aparokshagyanis . ONly such people should ascend the peeth for sanyansa ,then they can be rightly called , VEdanta samrajya Chakravarti

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