Thursday, April 9, 2009

Go Bramhanebhyo shubham bhavatu

All are not entitled to learn by reading or meditating on various subjects. Some meditate and learn , some read and learn , some learn from the mouth of bramhins. a larger chunk has to learn from the mouth of  bramhins . In other words , some can know things by themselves and others need some one to explain things to understand. Only bramhins are teachers and hence Bramhins if always in good condition and in swath avastha there will be braodcast of truth and Vedic literature .As after the thorough listening to shastras one needs to practice it and feel closer to God , God has kept his chal moorthy[ movable icons ] in a cow. Thus worshipping cow will be akin to worshiping all the dieties . Thus welfare of bramhins and cows ensures  establishing and flourishing vedic culture.

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