Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sarva Samarpan Gadyam -2

Vishva : Lord Vishnu remains in the right eye of the beholder as Vishva to show him and give him the experiences of the real world. Vishva has 19 heads ,two legs and five hands . 19 heads are , 9 on left and nine on right with central head as that of Elephant . This was the upasya moorthy of Shri Vinayak[ ganapathy] , Vinayak after completing the upasana of this Vishva [Lord Vishnu]  became known as Ganesh .

" Vinayakastu Vishvasya gnyanat ait gajavaktram " -mandookya bhashya  mentions . Because this roop shows the world to everyone , and it is pertaining vishva and nara in general , it is also known as " Vaishvanar "

Vedas proclaim " shubham pibetyasau  nityam na ashubham sa hari: "  Lord only partakes the good in the world that the man sees and what is evil and unchaste unto the experience is not absorbed by the lord but only the soul partakes it .

TAijas : Taijas stays in the neck region of the body , more precisely at the place where there is man[mind ] . Taijas is akin to Vishva in limbs and heads . Taijas gives the experience of the Dreamworld in sleep . Because he cretes a vasanamay world in the antahkarna of the jeeva , he is known as Antah:pragnya

Svapnasthanah: Antahpragnya - mandookya upanishat

Pragnya : Lord as pragnya resides in heart of the body he gives deep sleep to the soul .  here lord  keeps only the knowledge of self , time and ignorance and withdraws all other things . [prakarshan]

Prakarshen na gnyapayati

here jeeva experiences a liitle bit of sukha happiness that can be observed in Moksha .

note : only satvikas observe this sukha as swaroop is sukhamaya , as daityas have dukhmaya swaroop they must obtain dukha in sleep as well , but Lord with his Achintyaadbhut shakti gives those daityas also sleep .

Awakening is shuddh satva activity dream is rajas and sleep is tamasik in nature.


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