Friday, April 24, 2009

Sarva Samarpana Gadyam-1 [SSG]

Lord Narayana has three rupas namely

  • Vishwa
  • Taijas
  • Pragnya.

Similarly we all have three states

  • Jagruta [awakening]
  • Swapna[dream]
  • Sushupta[Sleep]

Human body has 1. indriyas [eyes ,ears ,nose etc] and 2. mind [manas] .When both are active then we are in state of awakening and we perceive things of the external world .[Jagruta avastha] This state is also regulated by Lord Vishva

When external organs are inactive but inner organs and mind are active we are in state of dream .[svapna avastha] . Here our body divides into two parts , one the physical body and second our kantiswarup . The physical body is in sleep but  this kanti svaroopa is culled out of the vasana that exist in the mind . With this a vasnamaya world is created which contains , vehicles ,roads ,buildings and people and we experience the dream just as if we are living in that world and our experiences we record as dream. Even in this state a soul is regulated by Lord Taijas as it is he who separates the kantiswaroop and creates objects of desire in the dreamworld culled out of our mind and vasana.

WHen both mind and indriyas are inactive we are in the state of deep slumber . This state is also regulated by Lord Pragnya .

All this state is regulated by Lord as present in Mukhyaprana in our body inside us. Mukhyaprana is jeevottama and is present in all the bodies and helps us to take breath in and out and sustains us and hence he is known as Prana. Mukhyaprana being present in us breaths 21600 times everyday . this breathing makes a sound of "So" HAM"  thus Mukhyaprana makes the japa of " Soham " [ Hansa mantra japa] in every body everyday every second . This gives us life and also life to everyone in the universe, the life force to live , thus Mukhyaprana [Hanuman] is the life of everyone in the world . He is primarily responsible to make us all feel as alive . Once Mukhyaprana stops this japa , we stop breathing and people say - he has kicked the bucket . Some say he has lost prana. Thus Hanuman is chief deity giving life to us by the grace of LOrd Vishnu . We must pray this lord as present in Mukhyaprana in our heart . [ Madantaryami Mukhyapranantargata sriman moolrama ],

Note: There are three types of soul, for each type Mukhyaprana does the same japa "SoHAM" , but it gives the anusandhana of different type to three different souls ,1 . soham [ I am like HIM] , but different from,2 I am like him as long as I am not Him 3. I am him ; The first believes in distinction and superiority of lord from the self attains Moksha . second one keeps returning to samsara and third one reaches hell . SO three different types achieve three different sadhanas and different gati but all are controlled and regulated by Mukhyaprana and Lord Narsimha according to their swaroop and yogyata.


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