Thursday, April 30, 2009

SarvaSamarpana Gadyam -4

"svahridayamadhyastithasushmna nadi .................... tavatsankhyakedanadishu tattaadyogya tatkalanusar prapt tattannadisthith "

In the middle of heart of the human being ,there is sushhumna nadi . It has  nadi to its right  by name pingala  with  50 branches . similarly Ida to left also 50 in number of  sub nadis .

In these nadis namely Ida and Pingala exist

  • 16  swaras from " A to Am Aha " Akaradi swaras ,
  • 34 kakaradi [ ka ga ta etc] vyanjana 
  • totalling 50 in number of Aksharas .
  • Lord dwells in these nadis with the lordship of Aksharas ie
  • Am Ajaya namaha ,.............
  • kam kapilay namaha ,...............
  • ksham srilaxminarsimhaya namaha etc;

As according to the capacity of the jeeva ,at the relevant hours, Lord as present in these nadis carry out soul's journey .

note: In the sthula deha [body] of humans , from the muladhar [ place between the testicles and rectum ] to the centre of the head[skull] runs a nadi by name Sushumna . It is composed of five sub nadis by name vajrika, arya, prakashini ,vaidhruti ,bramha nadi .

When this Sushumns reaches navel , it splits into Ida and Pingala to left and right side of the body . These Ida And Pingala end in the nostrills of human body , they are primarily responsible for the flow of breath and its porting to various parts of the body .

These Ida and Pingla furthers splits into branches to be spread across the body to form 72000 nadis in the body . Lord is present in these nadis , exhibits his qualities according to the capacity and karma of the /jeeva  . Tattva devatas also while carrying out the karma of the soul , carry out their upasana of Lord as present in these nadis of each and every human being .


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