Saturday, May 2, 2009

SarvaSamarpana Gadyam-5

"Bruhati chanda ruk sahasragata shattrimshat sahasrahansaswaraakhyaakshar pratipadya tannishthatanniyamak "

Bruhati sahasra chandas is about 1000 shlokas or ruchas . Every ruch has 36 swaras and vyanjanas .So there are 36000 aksharas  representing to 36000 nadis in the   left and 36000 nadis in the right of human body . These 1000 shlokas each describe Vishva etc 1000 names of Vishnu in Vishnusahasranam . Each of 36000 akshara of brihati is also represented by a form of Vishnu [ Both male and Female ] , together these dwell in the human body in the 72000 nadis .

Bruh vruddhau dhatu in sanskrit points to the meaning of brihati as poorna . Thus Vasudev by name brihati resides in 36000 male forms in the right side and 36000 female form in the left . thus left side of the body represents wife and she is known as Ardhangini . These forms are prayed by the Bruha etc devatas residing in this nadis and Lord thus as present in this protects all the three types of soul .

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