Sunday, May 3, 2009

SarvaSamarpana Gadyam-7

"Pratarmaadhyandinsayamakhyasavanatraya tattatkalin tadabhimanivasurudraadityopasya"

  • Human life is 116 years .
  • pratahsavan 24 years
  • madhyandin savan 44 years
  • sayansavan 48 years
  • total 116 years , this is poornayus
  • When adhikmasa is added tota becomes  120 years
  • pratah savan is governed by Ashtavasus
  • madhyanin savan is governed by ekadash rudra
  • sayansavan is ruled by dwadash adityas .
  • Thus by being present in the jeeva , vasu rudra and adityas regulate his activities to form upasana of lord vasudeva .
  • Thus Vasudeva is the chief abhimani regulator of the jeevatma .

" paramanu sambanditavatsankhyak "

Lord resides in the paramaNu [atoms] and also in the collections of these atoms forming infinite forms . He resides individually in each atom and also in another form inside a collection of atoms forming anant rupas . Such forms are also infinite as collections are infinite . Each collection is also consists of infinite atoms . Thus Lord exhibits his glory in such infinite ways by being vyapta in the Vishva "

"aharniyamak aharnamak"

Each year in a  human life[Ayus] of 100 years consists of 360 [Ahass] ie days . So total there are 36000 days in a human life .[ we have 36000 + 36000 nadis left and right side ,each governs a day in our life , the lord representing that nadi along with the abhimani devata ,tatva devata as present in that nadi ,rules over the day ] .

on a particular Ahas Lord resides by that name in that Ahas and also governs the material things that we use [enjoy,interact etc with] by the name of those things [jada , collection of atoms] ,though he takes the same name as that of the collection and Ahas ,Lord is still different from these ahas and collections .


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