Friday, May 8, 2009

SarvaSamarpana Gadyam - 8

" Mukhyapranopasya "

That Lord who is meditated upon by Mukhyaprana .

All the souls are regulated by the Narayana .

'sarvasyahi pranetrutvat pran: narayana: para: ' - mandokya bhashya

Prana means regulator , Lord is the first/primary regulator . But LOrd regulatesevery soul vide Mukhyaprana [ Hanuman] . Thus Vayu is also known as Prana . Prana means one which is relentlesly at work .So Indriyas[ eyes nose ears etc senses ] are also known as Prana , but these senses exist till Vayu exists, hence Vayu is known as MukhyaPrana .  LOrd at all times ,at all places inspires these souls through Mukhyaprana and gets meditated [ upasya] by him .

" ramayukta purushrupatmaka "

Lord is always accompanied by Ramaadevi as purush . Laxmidevi is equvivalent to Lord in the qualities of time and space [ rest all other qualities she is infinitely inferior to him AND DEPENDENT ON HIM , REGULATED BY HIM] . She is different from him

Pramatma , resides in females in the form of females and among males he resides as male . In a human body ,from toe till head He resides in various forms supporting the body. All souls are known by the name 'purush' ,so ramaadevi is also known as purush as she has equally strong nature[attributes]  as the other souls . All souls are 'kshara purush' but Laxmidevi is 'Akshara purush '

'dva vimou purushau loke ksharashcha akshara eva cha ' - bhagavad geeta  , Lord is totally different from these kshara and akshar ,such lord alongwith Ramaadevi resides in the swaroopdeha of the soul .

" praadesh matra hrudayvyapak praadeshparimit sthaneshatmak "

In the outer body of the soul [ soul has four bodies :swaroop deha ,linga deha , aniruddha deha ,sthula deha] , inside the heart there is lotus . Here in this lotus  , Lord resides in the form of the sizeof  'praadesh' .by the name ' Isha ' .similarly he resides i the swaroopadeha ,of the size of praadesh of that body as well .

'praadesh ' means the space at the tip of the thumb , when thumb and forefinger are clasped .  God resides in the form of this size inside the heart of the human body . He similarly resides in all sub bodies in the same relative dimension .

' valagrshatbhagasya shatadha kalpitasya cha | bhaago jeeva: sa vigneya sa ch anantya kalapate '  as per these vedic words soul is of the sizeof  one hundredth part of  hundredth part of the edge of a horse's hair .

ie if a horse tail hair is taken and its edge is split 100 parts , take a part of it and split again into 100 parts , one such part is the size of a soul . it is 10000th part of a hair edge .

This jeeva has all the body parts in swaroop as well as in external body as well . Lord dwells in the heart of every body [ fourbodies ] in the size of the praadesh of that body . internally as well as externally .

" Dehantargat dehangushthaparimit  jeevaantargat jeevaangushtha parimit"

Lord is also present in the body of the soul to regulate the body , this form is of the sizeof  thumb of the external body , inside the soul he is again residing and regulating in the form of the sizeof the thumb .

so dually he is residing inside the body [ physical] and inside the soul , both by the size of relative thumb .

" swahrudaya kamalkarnikamoolastitha mooleshatmak "

Inside the heart where sushumns nadi exists ,there in each of the five subnadis of sushumna , five lotuses with eight petals bloom ,In every lotus Lord exists  at the bottom as the 'moolesha' .He has eight arms and bestows the awakening and activiy to the soul.

" Tavatparimitkarnikaagrastitha "

At the forefront , similar to moolesha , lord also resides as 'agresha' , here this form gives the dream state to the soul .  and n the lotus he resides with 'shankha chakra gada padma ,kaustubh ,kirit and other ornaments imparting deep sleep to the soul .

For the aparokshagyanis these three forms together form a bimba and firstly Lord reveals himself as ' Pradesh ' in the external body, this revelation is known as Aparoksha , and then with continuous sadhana he reveals his moolesha and agresha forms in a pratyaksha .

" bimbarupe ................................anukarita avasthatraya niyamak "

Among the shubha and ashubha karma of the jeeva ,considering shubha karma inspired by Lord dwelling in Mukhyaprana , directing the tatvabhimanidevatas to regulate the three states of activity , dream and deep sleep , such lord reveals his bimbarupa to the jeva and exhibits his Ishatva quality .


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  1. Dear Sir,
    "three forms together form a bimba and firstly Lord reveals himself as ' Pradesh ' in the external body, this revelation is known as Aparoksha , and then with continuous sadhana he reveals his moolesha and agresha forms in a pratyaksha."

    here ur saying that aproksha means pratyaksha of pradeshadi roopas of sthula deha. but sthula and all other dehas are jada only. so aproxa must be the revelation of these rupas in the hrudaya akasha of jiva swarupa what i've heard. that is the bimba rupa exactly coz the pratibimba is jiva itself and not the outer bodies. pls clarify.

    secondly ur saying moolesha,agresh pradesh rupas impart jaguti,sapna and susupti respectively. but why would these rupas of sthula deha impart those states to the soul instead of physical body?? bcoz the jiva swarupa also has these rupas. three rupas ...three states what about turiya?