Sunday, February 20, 2011

ShriKrishnamrutamaharnav ! { in Chiraan’s voice }

Architah samsmruto dhyatah kirtitah kathithah shrutah |

yo dadyatyamrutatvam hi sa maam rakshatu keshavah ||


  1. Acharya,

    This is our Sowbhagya that we are blessed atleast to hear your voice. Your explanation in a voice of depth was very lucid. COntinue to bless us with gems.

    Humble Regards

  2. True :) when will we get to see ur photo Guruji :))

  3. thanks guruvar,

    for showing us the path towards the supreme,,,

    aham mama gurusya charanasya namami.
    aham shri Bharatiramana Mukhyapranantargata Shri Laxmi vasudevasya bhajami.

  4. respected sir,

    1 small request...
    kindly post your video...

  5. Please accept my apologies. I am yet to receive another yantra. Please donate it on my behalf to someone or put it in a water body. Sorry again.


  6. You have posted "I take this as Rayarantargat mukhyapranantargat DHANYA SHridhar namak parmatma prerana" What does this mean. Do you mean to say that it is Hari prerana for you to pray on behalf of these women for their spouses. Can we do what we feel is appropriate and then say it is Hari prerana. Does it not result in manipulating their spouses. Sometimes deciding on right or wrong can be complicated. But a simple thumb rule could be we should not do to others what we do not wish others to do for us. These womens brothers or their parents could pray on their behalf. As an astrologer is it not appropriate that you give predictions and guide them regarding right or wrong and then leave it to them to follow it or not. Neither can we write somebodys destiny nor can we change it. If you wish to respond you could paste your response in the appropriate column in the Wpress blog.

  7. To begin with I am not the spouse of the women who are complaining, nor am I anybody elses spouse. Thanks for calling me a gentleman, even if you meant it is an irony. Jhoota hi sahi pal bar keliya koyi hame tharif karle.

    You have found the question insignificant enough to answer and have asked your readers to respond. What can I say. Anyways thanks. I am waiting to be attacked by your readers.

  8. Dear Chiraani
    It was very nice to hear your voice.Also wish all your articles are available in one site so that we dont miss the gems.
    Thank you

  9. This blog is for deeper insight into philosophy , the posts here are purely technical , the wordpress posts are for information , its like AISA bhi hota hai kind of writing , so that a novice could get interested and nurture the quest jignyasa for higher studies . when such a quest arises then he will come to this site . and perhaps someday this will be very active site with deeper discussion , language no bar .
    But visitors here are not yet develped . audience is required over here for serious exchange of thoughts on MADHVA philosophy .

  10. Namaste Guruji

    the pravachana is very deep and technical, gives sure shot answers for many questions. thank you very much for giving your own voice.


    Hare Srinivasa


  11. Waiting for more discourses from you Chiraanji.