Friday, February 25, 2011

Yuga Bhedha

In Ramayana
  • Ravanasur attained siddhi through tapasya .
  • He acquired all the astras ,including Bramhastra .
  • He taught it to his son Indrajit as well .
  • Ravanasur was a ordinary soul .
  • He lost his bramhacharya by forcing several women of sevaral lokas .
  • Yet he did not lose his siddhi or capability to discharge astras .

In Mahabharata

  • All the astras were acquired by pure learning and Guruupadesha .
  • Ashwaththama was verily lord Shiva a great soul .
  • Ahwaththama had never in actual lost bramhacharya .
  • Yet he could not discharge Bramhastra
  • owing to loss of bramhacharya just by sankalpa

In Ramayana

  • An attempt was made to abduct Vedmata .
  • the abduction was on account of deployment of deciet .
  • Hari deluded the attempt by deploying Seetakruti
  • Hari came to rescue after a year

In Mahabharata

  • An attempt was made to enslave Vedmata .
  • here too there was deployment of deciet .
  • hari deluded by providing inexhaustible supply of cover .
  • Hari came to immidiate rescue .


  1. respected guruji,
    if the loss in brahmacharya can bre attributed to a being as great as shiva himself and that too in dwapara yuga just by mere sankalpa.. what can be the reasons that can cause such a loss of brahmacharya in kali yuga ?

    morever if brahmacharya once lost can be regained ? if so how ?

  2. There is no bramhacharya at all in kaliyuga at the standards of dwapara or treta .
    remanifestation of bramhacharya vow restores it !

  3. "Ravana lost his bramhacharya by forcing several women of sevaral lokas."
    Isn't it true that he had a curse that he would die if he forced a woman? And that's why he waited for Sita's consent for marriage....

  4. Namaste Guruji

    so the bedha in Treta and Dwapara is that in Dwapara yuga siddhis are gained very easily and lost easily. But in Treta yuga in order to get same amount of siddhi tapasya was required and the siddhi is not lost easily.

    Also the second bedha in simple words is in Dwapara yuga Sri Hari came to immediate resque but in Treta yuga it was a year. So in Kali yuga God resques even earlier? what does this Bedha infer? Please explain. From this i understood that Sri Hari nama snakeerthana in Kaliyuga is the solution for salvation.


    HAre Srinivasa


  5. i would also like to add that as the yugas cross from satyuga to kali yuga, having Guru is very important for siddhi. Ravana could get siddhi through tapasya, but Ashwatthama (Lord Shiva) needed Guru for siddhis. so the importance of Guru is even more in Kaliyuga.

    please correct my observations if i have understood wrong.

    thanks Guruji


    Hare Srinivasa