Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Every one has a Bramhin gotra only !

SriRamchandra was Vashistha Gotra , All castes have gotra but incidentallly all of them have gotra of  bramhin rishis only.why?

certainly these were not born to them ,what is Gotra?

In Tretayuga Bramhins are in majority in the world,InDwapara Kshatriyas are in Majority,both these reduce to minority in Kaliyuga.As Bramhins are born in a lineage  they acquire the gotra of that lineage. offsprings of Vashistha etc will have Vashistha etc gotra. Similarly these rishis have a sishya varga [as they had  a gurukul of their own ] all these Kshatriya moola kula had the gotra of the rishi they belonged to as pupils.Kings had or the gotra of the Purohit they were consulting. Similarly Vaishyas followed suit. Shudras being in minority served the community They engaged in selling utensils ,colours,pots etc.whichever university campus they belonged to they acquired the gotra of the kulapati.

Thus everyone has gotra and lineage to identify with.People of similar gotra do not marry unless there is difference of 10 heads[genearation ] between them .


Note: Infact technically we cannot attribute a Gotra to God as he is neither born not acquires a body .[the word is Pradurbhava]manifestation is what we can describe the appearance of God on earth. Just as humans grow from baby to an adult,it will be folly to assume that God grows from a baby to full grown adult. God has many roopas and he has roopas appropriate to every age,he manifests them as time surpasses giving illusion of growth to the onlookers. His intelligence and strength and other qualities also remain same full and complete in all phases .There is no caste or creed or gotra for Lord ,all these are distinctions of jeeva to indicate its apoornatva .

Still Vashishtha is considered very auspicious Gotra because Shri VedVyasa and all sooryavanshi greats belonged to it.Its the beacon light of Dharma.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

kapat vairagya

Vairagya is a state of mind which is completely engrossed in the Lord . It attempts to see act of Lord in every aspect of its life. It is primarily a state in which mind dwells rather than an exhibitionist attitude.

Today most of the vairagi tend to show external symptoms .Their main aim is to fill their bellies in the disguise of vairagi . They pretend to show virakti ,

  • by keeping a japamaala in the hands
  • pretend to be always muttering some mantra
  • sometimes put a veil to show deep meditation 
  • But actually dreaming about beauty of women seen during the day
  • Yet they keep claiming they are most virakta .
  • some wear orange[kashaya] vastra and keep enjoying cigars and wine sitting on golden thrones .
  • All these people claim vairagya [actually kapat vairagya]
  • They have extreme devotion on deceitful activities .
  • their behaviour is akin to a ganika performing the act of pativrata on a stage.
  • but do not even have a miff of Bhakti in our Narayana [Kamalnabha].

||kardali japa mani bayali mantravu  mususki haki mandali parsati gunavu smarisuta Parama vairagyashali anisuta  kutakatanadali bhala bahkuti ,Natak striyaru pativrateyante natan maduvante ||

|| udara vairagyavu idu namma Padmanabhanali lesha bhakuti illa udara vairagyavu idu||


Monday, December 29, 2008

Births Births & Births

A soul after coming to srujya avastha ,initially wanders in the yoni of [sthavar jangam lata vela] plants and  insects  [krimikitadi] and pashupakshyadi yonis. It takes roughly 100 crores of births in each to come out of this inferior births to assume human forms for the soul. In the human form it takes births into barbar ,kirat ,mlechha,yavanadi  jatis many a times [over 100 crores births in each ] to get a janma in Bharath varsha .Here again taking births chronologically in chaturvarna ,[in crores of births each ] One is born as  a vaishnava . In vaishnava kula ,the urge to study shastras in absent for many a crores of births. After such repeated births in vaishnav kula one fine day soul seeks the guidance of guru to teach him shastra. After obtaining teachings in one lakh births he tries to think about God. He develops bhakti in another thousand births ,After bhakti he starts his sadhana towards moksha , after 10000 births he attains the knowledge to perform Nishkaam karma , he prefers to become a sanyasi. 3000 such births entitle him to the path of Mokshha. This is just the beginning towards Aparoksha Gyana.

everytime he fails to obtain higher births ,he undergoes same process of dwelling in 84 lakhs yonis ,[what a colossal waste of time] , So make hay when sun shines . Utilise your human birth to consolidate |Vishnu sarvottamatva gyana  and speedily progress towards Moksha .

||Sanchitarthavu matte baradu ,munche madierokarmava ||Govinda Namo GovindaNamo Govinda Narayana ||Govardhana Girina ettida Govinda namma rakship||


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Anekajeeva vada

Is there only one soul or many souls in this creation. There is a section of philosophy which believes in presence of only one soul.Let us examine it.

If there is only one soul , then it must be assuming many rupas[bodies] .As we see many people in this world. However each person is different and has his own experiences. If all but only one soul exists in all these bodies then the experience in each of them should have been known to others as well. This is not seen in the practical world .

If we accept many soul [aneka jeeva vada] , then we can safely conclude that each has his own experience.

Are these souls equal?

Had they been equal , they should have all undergone similar experiences and consequences in their lives. very fact that these have varied experiences and reactions, shows souls are different from each other.

Also these souls are not independent as each is struggling to overcome grief and yet finds himself bound by a situation[samsara]. Who is responsible for it? Thus we have to accept that there is a higher being than souls who controls , binds and relieves these souls.

This higher being is known as Parmatma ,distinctly different from Atma.


Friday, December 26, 2008

This world is real.

This world created by God is real. the experience of each of us stands testimony to us.This experience cannot be false. The non existence of world is never experienced. Neither can be seen its unreal nature.

If experiences of the soul in this real world are false and unreal then the thought to come out of this unreal to some imaginary real should also be unreal.

Because , such thoughts have occurred here in this world, these thoughts should also be unreal .

How can there be pursuit of the real from a unreal thoughts?

The world, if it is maya [unreal] , whom is it binding?

is the agent[soul], it is binding, real? If it is real then how a real entity is bound by unreal?

If there is only one [soul/Bramha] , then who is Bramha?

Is this Bramha all knowing or ignorant?

If he is all knowing then why he has to make efforts to come out of ignorance?[ if at all , all souls are one and equivalent to Bramha]

Thus soul cannot be equal to Bramha for he has to come out of ignorance . Paramatma [Bramha ]is all knowing and creator distinctly different from Atma.

There is no equality [eikya] between Parmatma and Atma.

Soul can be subjected to maya and creation is a chance for him to come out of this to attain moksha.

Even in this case also his subjection to maya and subsequent sufferings are real [vexed with it ,he makes an attempt for Moksha].

if it is unreal then, his getting vexed and efforts to attain moksha will also be unreal .why would one make a unreal efforts to attain happiness.

If his efforts are unreal and his sins in maya are also unreal then words of Veda to prohibit sins and encourage Merits [punya] will also become false and unreal.[ also meaningless].

Selectively declaring few verses as right and real and others as unreal also renders Vedas meaningless.

Thus Vedas rightly declares World is real ,World is real, World is real.

Vishnu is the only God ,neither equal or greater than HIM.

all others are souls[atman/jeevas] distinctly different from him and dependent on him.



Thursday, December 25, 2008

Vaali Sugreeva

Vaali sugreeva were brothers . Vaali was incarnation of Indra , Sugreeva ,of Surya. Sugreeva sought help of Rama to finish Vaali. After tests by Sugreeva ,Rama sent Sugreeva to Fight Vaali.

  • Fisrt time HE did not kill Vaali.
  • Sugreeva came back .
  • Rama assured to kill ,put a garland to him.
  • Vali was killed from behind by Rama.


  1. why did Rama not kill him first time ?

Rama is God ,therefore thinking he did not recognise Vaali ,is untenable. When two brothers are at loggerheads ,they usually go to any extent in fight. But once revenge is over , There is sudden surge of brotherhood . and subsequent repentance[this is the nature of blood relation].Thus one must never interfere in a brotherly squabble.Chances are they unite and treat you as an outsider and even abuse you for instigating enmity.One must always give a chance to such reversal of mindset.

Rama spared Vali for the first time to bring such reversal of mindset towards his brother.

2. Why did he kill Vaali?

Vali had taken away wealth ,wife and belongings of his brother without any fault of his. So he was liable for punishment. Ram was a Kshatriya Chakravarti King and he had moral right [as a duty] to end Vaali's life .

3. Why did he kill from behind and not in a straight war.

what Vali had done ,renders him into the category of Mrugas[animals] , Kings don't wage war against animals , they hunt them or kill them as a disturbance for forest life.


Vali was Indra , he had natural Bhakti towards Rama ,  more than Sugreeva. Had Rama befronted him, he would have immediately asked forgivance and Rama would be compelled to leave him alive.

But crime of Vali was he had taken birth to serve Rama and in the flow of arrogance of power and might due to boons and strength , he forgot his duty [purpose of Birth] and befriended Ravana. Also he hurt Sugreeva [a devotee] , More importantly He was standing in a camp against Hanuman. Sugreeva on the contrary had befriended Hanuman and was under his guidance.

God only sides with the one who sides with Hanuman[Vayu]. HE does not prefer to see the face of those who go against Hanuman, even if they are his devotees]. [thus he kills  Vali from behind to show going against Hanuman is unpardonable ].

[same Vali becomes Arjuna and sides with Bheema , Sugreeva becomes Karna goes against Bheema] Krishna ignores Karna and takes Arjuna very close.

Those who pray Lord Vishnu without Praying Vayu [hanuman] , God does not give any fruits ,however hard and devotionally one prays ,its of no use . God does not appear before them [like vali] and finishes them off from behind.

If you Pray Hanuman along with Vishnu only then you get your wishes fulfilled like Sugreeva and Arjuna].

Lord's arrows are nothing but Vayu himself. When Arrows pierce heart of Vali[ Vayu enters his heart] , he gets knowledge  , asks forgiveness to lord and Rama offers to give him back his life. But Vali refuses because he does not want to let go the chance of dying in the hands of Rama [which ensures Moksha].

Thus Vaali surrenders all his beloved things to the lords' feet according to the dictum " daraan sutaan priyaan ....nivedayet...."

This is what is known as Srikrishnarpanamastu .

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sama Dukha Sukham Dheeram

One must be equanimous to both unhappiness and happiness. One who attains this is [Purusha: Bramhajnani in jagruta avastha] that braveheart will not be affected by the causes and effects [as a result of interaction between indriyas and its subject/objects] ,and thus will be entitled to Moksha.

These are verses by Shri Krishna in Geeta [chapter 2 shloka 15].consoling weeping Arjuna;

When Arjuna seemingly speaks wise verses of abandoning war ,as a result of acquiring sin by killing preceptors .Arjuna raises question of what happiness are we going to get by waging war. A man lives to be happy among his kith and kin. without them no happiness would be full. attaining a all the wealth and material happiness in absence of kith and kin to share them ,is something no one wishes for.

Killing preceptors[Bheeshma ,Drona etc] and enjoying their wealth sitting on their seats  , this is akin to enjoying pleasures smeared with their flesh and blood. It is better to beg and live rather than commit this act. Even if they kill me unarmed as I am , I would not be bothered or bear any ill will towards them .

Arjuna is speaking about waging a war to get personal happiness[ enjoying kingdom of world etc] and killing the Kauravas as a loss of near and dear and hence personal unhappiness.

Krishna  elaborates the definition of Dukha and Sukha. He calls them as chitta kshobha .[disturbance of mind on account of interplay of senses].

  • Krishna asks Dukha on account of what?
  • loss of life to the greats
  • or absence of these on account of death
  • or complete destruction of their self {soul}

But as these were present earlier also , they are present now and will be present hereafter also . People lose lives and gain it back again and again , gyani does not regret these.

Absence of these should not be mourned as they are ever present as souls , death of the body is not going to put an end to their existence. opposites of warmth/cold , happiness /unhappiness victory/loss all are not permanent , they keep coming and going[occurring] in ones life,gyani does not bother about these .

Soul is never destroyed , it exists , death of the body [destruction of body is not destruction of soul] also clears its memory , soul after acquiring new body does not acquire old memories.  Thus body is soul , had it been so , then memories to each body should have been known to the soul everytime.

Thus one who is undisturbed by the activities of senses and yet performs his karma is known as Dheera [ eligible for Moksha].

Killing in the war is not for gaining happiness or Rajya ,  but it is for fighting against the God haters[tamoyogya] as clear battle line has been drawn between those who are ,for and against Krishna the Supreme.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008


God is alone independent,rest all are dependent on him .The does Jeeva has any independence towards action? if no then why is there [vidhi nishedh] rules and Do's and Don't's ? For whom are they intended to? If jeeva is not independent in doing a karma ,then how can he be entitled to punishments and rewards of the karma?

The Vidhi nishedh's in Vedas are for Jeeva only because God cannot be subjected to restriction of Do's And Don't's , but they are meant for the soul ,who has to plan his Act accordingly. Where from this act is performed. This is known as Datta Swatantra . The independence given as adoption from the Lord. This Independence is only in three arenas as 1. Gyana 2. Ichcha  3 Kriya [prayatna]

So the soul can only desire as per his accumulated Knowledge and try [prayatna]. His act is actually carried out by tatva devatas in accordance with poorva karma and prayatna. He is given fruits also by these depending on the outcome carried out by Lord.

Here Jeeva wishes also by the inspiration of God ,which is Datta and has degrees of freedom embedded into it. This degrees of freedom varies with varied people . Thus a King has more freedom than a commoner by the will of the GOD. Thus jeeva performs only through desire and efforts in accordance with his limited knowledge ,yet when results appear he attributes them to the self and thus is punished or rewarded.

One who understands the Dattaswatantrya and attributes his success and failure to lord as present in Tattva devatas only gets aparoksha Gyana.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rajsooya Yagnya

Pandavas had won the entire universe. Bheema was the chief instrument in this feat. He had won, garuda ,shesha ,Rudra, and kichaka,paundraka vasudeva,Karna ,baksura,Jarasndha who were undefeated till then and even Arjuna was not capable of  winning them . Rajasooya cannot be performed without winning everyone. Thus chief fruits of yagnya goes to Bheema . earlier bramha had done this yagnya , now only pandavas could do it.

Arjuna went to north regions and won indra , sapta dweepas, patala etc adholokas ,trigarta etc.

Nakula went to paschima disha and won all the kings. Sahadeva went to south and won all the countries. He sent ghatotkacha to  lanka and asked VIbhishana to accept superiority of Panadava as an order from Krishna . He accepted. All the kings sent their share of wealth as taxes. This wealth when collected appeared as a mountain 600 yojanas in height and width , this exceeded the size of Indraprastha. but yet by the technology of Vishwakarma this could be accommodated in a store.

Pandavas after vanquishing all by the grace of Vedvyasa ,prepared for Yagnya. All were invited to the yagnya.

Brahma , shiva, indra kama other deities came to the yagnya ,mantapa. All the kings came to the function.They had brought many gifts to Pandavas . Duryodhana was appointed to collect all the gifts. Gandharvas were singing , Apsaras were dancing , the whole universe had gathered.

  1. God was present in the triple role in the yagnyashala
  2. parashurama
  3. vedvyasa
  4. Krishna

a debate was organised to decide who is the supreme GOD. A hot discussion ensued and finally Vishnu was declared  supreme. Now Yudhisthira asked BHeeshma as to who should be first offered prayers to kick off the proceedings. Bheeshma declared Krishna should be first offered prayers.

Note: there were Bramha ,shiva  munis [saints] like durvasa ,shaunaka maitreya etc were also present etc why these were not consulted to give decision on Agrapooja ,why only Bheeshma was consulted by Yudhisthira?

Ans: Though Bramha etc were present they were appearing as humans to common men , hence decision would not be acceptable to commons who were present. Munis and rishis were all residents of forests , commoners never had a chance to see them ,hence their views would not be held in respect .Bheeshma was eldest among kuru family and was known among kings and commoners as a respectable ,knowledged and great , his decision would be acceptable and conclusive .

Why did Bheeshma declare Krishna to be worshipped first ? even Parashurama and Vedavyasa were also rupas of Vishnu . they could have been also offered worship first?

Ans. The idea was to create a controversy and give grief to those who did not consider Krishna as God. Offering worship to Parashurama or Vedvyasa could not have met with resistance as these were bramhins. Krishna appeared as Kshatriya and many did not believe he was GOD. To prove that Krishna was supreme lord and avatara of Vishnu , Bheeshma said so.

Shishupala did not like the idea and created a scene by hurling abuses on Krishna . after 100 abuses Krishna killed him through Sudarshana chakra.

Thus Krishna was offered first worship and Rajsooya yagnya was completed  with blessings of Parashurama ,Vedavyasa and Bramha and other devatas exhibiting the insurmountable grandeur of Pandavas  under the guidance of Krishna and Bheemasena.


Saturday, December 20, 2008


Akshouhini is the term described for chaturanga sena[army].Chaturang sena means one which has ,chariots ,elephants ,horses and soldiers.One akshouhini is

  1. 170 sets of 21000 elephants
  2. 170 sets of 21000 chariots
  3. 610 sets of 65000 Horses
  4. 9350 sets of 100000 soldiers Army.
  • That makes up 108 crores of  Army in one akshouhini.
  • Mahabharath was fought among 18 akhshouhini army
  • Kauravas had 11 Akshouhini army
  • Pandavas had 7 Akshouhini army
  • some people opine akshouhini means around 200000 army
  • But this does not seem to be correct as this gives as total army in Mahabharath as roughly 360000 only . But Kauravas had raised army from all over the world .And each country was known to have more than 1 lakh of army .
  • Also Srikrishna was 68 years old at the time of mahabharath war. He had 16108 wives . each had borne him 10 sons and a daughter. These themselves make a 1 lakh 61 thousand + their armies ,ie Yadavas + [1000000 Narayani sena ] which fought from Kauravas side.
  • Thus akshouhini cannot be just 200000 soldiers.
  • Bheemasena alone single handedly killed 6 akshouhini sena in 10 days.
  • that is 648 crores in 18 days
  • 36 crores in a day[ average]
  • 36 crores in 12 hours [ 6 am to 6 pm]
  • 3 crores per hour
  • around 5 lakhs per minute.
  • 85000 in a second [warriors and equal amount of elephants horses]
  • What kind of martial arts this could be.
  • Fighting non stop 12 hours in a day and on a killing spree
  • killing not just ordinary but well trained warriors
  • This speaks of immense strength of Bheemasena.
  • Bheeshma killed a 1 akshouhini sena in 18 days
  • 120 years old man killing so many people in a war speaks a lot about yogic powers and divine nature of these yodhas.
  • Indeed entire kshatriya clan was wiped out in the war .
  • Most of the people born then as warriors were Devatas .
  • Their offspring would be also divine in nature
  • But God wanted Kaliyuga to start immediately after Mahabharata .
  • These divine offsprings would never let that happen .
  • hence he eliminated them in the name of war, left this world for the ordinary , and for kali to take over .
  • Pandavas ruled for 35 years.
  • Their son Parikshit carried on, and dynasty lasted for 1000 years.


Friday, December 19, 2008


Once all the dieties reproached as to who was superior among them .Chaturmukha bramha created a body and asked everyone to enter it. All the dieties entered . Now these decided whoever leaves the body ,and if the body collapses ,he would be supreme.

  1. Vak departed[fire] , body was intact without speech ,eating and drinking
  2. Chaksus[eyes] {sun} departed , body reamined intact without seeing
  3. Srotra [moon]{ears} departed ,body remained intact without hearing
  4. Manas[ shiva,suparna,sesha,Indra] departed ,body reamained intact without drowsing
  5. Then Prana[breath]{Vayu} moved out , the body collapsed even if other were present. Sarira is known as Sarira because it collapses.
  6. Thus Mukhya prana is superior to all dieties.
  7. One who knows this his enemies[sins] will vanish and knowledge will accompany him like a brother.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Once King Visala and his wife Itara devi performed penace to get a Son. Lord Narayana revealed himself as their son. He once went to a yagna where devatas and chaturmukha bramha were presiding. These devatas could not bear the lustre of Lord Narayana ,chaturmukha Bramha offered prayers to the son of Itara , He enabled them to see him.They all became his devotees. As greats like Ramadevi,Bramha,Indra,devatas became his dasa[devotees] He came to be known as Mahidasa [mahin: dasa: asyeti  Mahidasa:] He then preached Aitereya hymns to all of them .

Thus Aitereya devata is Mahidasa ,rishi is also mahidasa,this is part of ashvalayan shakha of Rigved ,a chapter2 and3 of Aitereya aranyaka is upanishat. It conveys Supreme Glory of Vishnu ,hence is known as Mahavibhuti.

  1. Hari:OM  Sankarshana is the path ,Anirudha is karma, Vasudev is Bramha ,Pradyumna is Satya.
  2. One must not abandon Him ,[one must not transgress Truth ,as god himself is truth that leads to HIM].
  3. This answers the question as to
        1. why truth should be followed in this world ,
        2. why cannot we live as we feel like  ,
        3. why are there path of spirituality ,
        4. what it leads to ,
        5. who has put all these restrictions?
  4. This also specially shows vedas are theistic.
  5. Three transgress HIM
      1. Pishachas[those who roam in Akasha]
      2. Rakshasas[Those who eat human flesh]
      3. Asuras [ among dharma gyan vairagya and aishwarya ,these have only aishwarya]
  6. Three did not transgress
      1. Manushyottama
      2. Rishis
      3. Devatas
  7. They meditated on HIM as
      1. in Arka
      2. in Brihat
      3. Pavamana
  8. Men prayed through Agni
  9. Rishis prayed God as present in Aditya
  10. Devatas in vayu and Dishas[all quarters].

Narayana is Supreme . Madhvacharya had a special liking to this Upanishad which can be seen from that fact that

  • He taught this upanishat to his Guru as Guru Dakshina
  • He gave a special discourse on this in eminent sabhas
  • His last discourse before retiring to Himalayas was on Aitereya Upanishat which was attended by Devatas  in Ananteshwar temple UDIPI.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

SundarkandNirnay-16 MadhuvanBhang Atmasamarpanam

Hanuman Burnt Lanka with his tejas[brilliance] , All this was achieved in presence of Ravana and Indrajit . They were helpless spectators to this feat. Ravan had abducted seeta in absence of Rama [through deceit ],this showed his cowardice , But Hanuman punished him in his presence by destroying his city . Ravan could lift mount Kailash[of Shiva] , Indrajit defeated Indra , but could only helplessly watch Vayuputra Hanuman[showing superiority of Hanuman to Shiva and Indra.

Indrajit had used Bramhastra on Hanuman, now when his Lanka was burning to ashes , he could have used Varunastra , but he knew it was of no help , as no astra could match brilliance of Hanuman ,thus indrajit mutely accepted consequence.Hanuman the invincible ,his tail was unhurt by the fire. But Lanka was dismantled. Those who oppose Rama they can only reap unhappiness however they take shelter of other Gods , they cannot save themselves from the wrath of Hanuman.

Hanuman flew back across ocean to his subordinates Angad ,jambavan etc.They were all happy to see him back, it was as if they got their lives[breath] back. Together Hanuman and team decided to return to kishkindha. On the way Hanuman and others destroyed Madhuvan of Sugreeva [which was full of honey]. The news that Hanuman destroyed Madhuvan gave immense pleasure to Sugreeva .Because , only if these vanars were happy then they could dare to annoy him[ King].In these situation ,only the news of Seeta could  be honey to ears.Hanuman by destroying Madhuvan has spread advance news of Seeta [honey to ears].to Sugreeva.

Hanuman destroyed Ashokvan ,it gave immense grief to Ravana , he destroyed Madhuvan ,it gave immense pleasure to Sugreeva.Hanuman's every act brings pleasure to Satvikas and grief to Tamas jeevas.

Hanuman along with other vanara met Rama and submitted Chudamani at his feet. Chudamani is Vayu himself ,presenting to Rama's feet , is atmasamarpana , Lord Rama responded by a hug [alingan] to Hanuman, Atma samarpana was reciprocated by Sayujya.This Alingana is representation of Bhavi Bramha post to Hanuman. Hanuman surrendered himself to the feet of Lord ,without any desire , his service of Samudra langhan , seetaanveshan , lanka vidhwansa and chudamani samrpana , was all with pure devotion and thus He is jeevottama , and Rama the Sarvottama presented him the lordship of entire creation.

[He took all the vanar, none of them had done anything in this entire journey ,but just by being with Hanuman in his Ramaseva ,entitled them to the Grace of Shri Rama, honey of Sugreeva and saved them from anger of the King apart from enjoyments. ]Just as Vanara had Madhu  by siding with Hanuman ,we can also have Madhu[Moksha Grace of Rama] if we read and follow this Nirnay by Madhvacharya [Hanuman himself] .


||Iti Srimadanandtheertha bhagvat padacharya virachite Srimanmahabharat  Tatparyanirnaye SriRamcharite Hanumatpratiyanam  naam saptamo adhyayah||

Monday, December 15, 2008

SundarkandNirnay-15 Delight of Fire [Lankahuti]

Hanuman's advice sent Ravana into a swirl of anger ,he ran towards Hanuman to kill him,but was stopped by Vibheeshana .Vibheeshana stopped Ravana ,this in no way could be considered as a favour on Hanuman .hanuman is MukhyaPrana [lord of prana] his prana could not have been saved by Vibheeshana.Vibheeshana's efforts could temporarily postpone Ravana's death. But Vibheeshana did not order Hanuman's tail to be lit by \fire . ravana inspired his rakshasas to light Hanuman's tail. Rakshasas tied cloth reams and fuel to light up fire.

Fire is a dependent of Vayu [ fire needs air to burn and not vice versa] , hence fire just could not assist in Ravana's design. However hanuman though not affected by Bramhastra , could not have been affected by mortal fire. He just acted to be under Rakshasas net and allowed them to tie cloth reams and lit fire ,only to destroy city of Lanka .

Hanuman Destroyed entire Lanka, Lanka was a fireproof city ,built by Vishwakarma. Ordinary fire could not have burnt it. Hanuman burnt Lanka with his own heat[tejas]. Hanuman is hotter than fire[agni]. Agni is no match for him. But agni knowing his capability [as against Hanuman] showed  his subordination to Hanuman by being just warm rather then burning Hot towards Tail of Hanuman. This gesture from Agni was duly noted by Vayu and thus blessed by Vayu.

Lanka was a beautiful city  studded with pearls and gold and jewels , this along with other Rakshasa was destroyed  by Hanuman , Hanuman roared in happiness . Destruction of Evil people's wealth is also liked by God , in as much Hanuman knew he has performed a Hari seva in burning Lanka to ashes .Hanuman Roared to signify this happiness.


SundarkandNirnay-14 Hanuman's advice

Hanuman warned Ravana ,that if he fails to return Seeta to SriRama ,he will die all alongwith his family.Those who go against  God ,hate God  they will be wiped off alongwith the family.

if practically one does not see immediate fall of those who go against god ,they in long run lose all the family members [have pain on account of family members] and finally themselves perish.

even Rudra and others cannot face the arrows of Rama, so Ravana is just too miniature to stand against the anger of Rama.Rudra has granted boons to many of his family members ,if Rudra himself cannot face Rama's anger so how can his dependent  Ravana can?.

None among devatas ,maushyas,rakshasas, and sarpas can face the arrows of Rama , so Ravana will only perish,how true these words of Hanuman[ the lord of Satya loka] was wrt Ravana.Rama forgives all the sins ,but if persistently one goes against him he will have anger as per the sin.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

SundarkandNirnay-13 Ravana Sabha

Bramhastra has a tightest grip than any other grip in the world. But foolish Rakshasas thinking Hanuman would escape tried to bind him through ropes and clothes. Seeing this dishonor bramhastra   went back to Bramha loka. Bramhastra usually is troublesome to Shiva and others too,but it did not trouble Hanuman ,yet Hanuman acted as if he was caught by it, Bramhastra acted as if it had troubled Hanuman , but Rakshasas since disbelieved its effect ,it disappeared.

Those who disbelieve Bramha tatva and Hanuman tatva and take shelter of other tatvas , the real Lord's (Bramha) shastra  leaves them away immediately ,they are all fools.

Valmiki also makes it a point that Bramhastra did not have any effect on Hanuman.Since Hanuman is Bhavi Bramha ,bramhastra cannot have effect on him.From that day Bramhastra could not be reused by Indrajit. Once you use weapons on your elders , you lose that capability of using weapons again. your valor also diminishes.

Ravana asked Hanuman , " monkey who are you? who is your master?"

For all rakshasas even after so much of disaster , Hanuman remained only a monkey proves that they were fools beyond comprehension,and Ravana their leader/king was also a fool there need not be a special mention.

Hanuman ,after praying sri Ram ,said, " Do know me as the strongest ,bravest ,vayuputra a messenger for Sri Ram and For you I am very yama the Death ".


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

SundarkandNirnay-12 Indrajit

Ravana sent Indrajit to face Hanuman. Indrajit made a flurry of arrows towards Hanuman ,these had no effect, Indrajit could not subdue Hanuman , [if indrajit could not subdue Hanuman, then one who has been defeated by him (indra),how could he have hit and hurt Hanu ( cheek of hanuman) .
Indrajit used Bramhastra . Now Hanuman thought ,he has already overtaken ,the bramha boons to many anothers and killed them, This time He wished to honour Bramha , and get caught by it . He is equivalent to Bramha , though equivalent he had respect for Bramha partky because Bramha is senior and also one must treat equals as thyself ,hence respect is there,Also Hanuman wished to see Ravana . These Rakshasas accpompanying Indrajit would take him to Him and he will have chance to see ravan and warn him about Sri Ram and give him his message.
All this was out of Hanuman's own will and not by the power of Rakshasas , they were as always powerless before him.
Thus Hanuman chose to accept the effect of Bramha astra , this did not trouble him but he acted to be caught by it and followed the Rakshasa to Ravana.
Hanuman is never troubled by astras.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

SundarkandNirnay-11 Akshakumar vadha

Ravan realised Kapi was no ordinary ,but extremely valorous Hanuman . So he decided to send his son AkshaKumar. AkshKumar was equivalent to Ravana in strength and capability. AkshaKumar, the son of Mandodari was protected by a boon of immortality from Bramha.Sending Akshakumar was equivalent to Ravana himself coming to battlefield. People hacve three kinds of strength , Vara bala (strength of boons), astrabala( strength of missiles)and swabhavik bala( nijabala actual physical strength).
With all his might Aksha kumar attacked Hanuman , with his astras . All his arrows were incanted with the Astra mantras. And he was using crores of such arrows with his speed and valour . Hanuman being more stronger than astras themselves , being swifter then the astras , did not budge to these and on the contrary swiftly lifted AkshKumar by his legs.
Hanuma thought , Ravana 's army has been demoralised, by destruction of 1/3 of his force. Now let me destroy another third of Ravana.
This is internal damage to Ravana
1, Ravana
all these were equal in strength, killing akshakumar will reduce his strength by third.
Hanuman thought of leaving Ravana for Rama to kill . INdrajit for Lakshamana ( also his strength had to be tested) , and chose AkshaKumar as his target . This is to show that he could have killed Ravana as well but as a pure afterthought he has let go Him.
Hanuman even when dangerous weapons/missiles were thrown at him he was least bothered about them and yet exhibited his cool sense of justice and analytical brain while thinking about killing AkshaKumar.
Hanuman swung AkshaKumar in the air and smashed him on to the ground and not on the stone or mountain, yet AkshaKumar crushed into pieces , on account of force of Hanuman. Ravana went into immense grief at the news of Son's death , crushed to death by Hanuman .
AkshKumar was reborn as Lakshana ,son of duryodhana , here he was son of Ravana , the ultimate villain, their he was son of Duryodhana , the ultimate villain , even after death he could not get good senses and reborn as an evil.
Hanuman exceeded everyone in nijabala, Though He has all the knowledge of astras , He never uses them ,He has extreme grace of Shri Rama. Krishna left jarasndha to be killed by Bheemasena , Here Hanuman left Ravana For Rama . this seems to be beautiful anology.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

SundarkandNirnay-10 Rakshas Sainya Samhara

Hanuman destroyed the entire Ashokvana ,the news reached Ravana ,he grew angry and sent a large army ordering to get the "kapi".Hanuman's valorous deed arouse lot of devotion admiration among satvik souls ,but Ravan despite having ten heads and having listened to this deed with twenty ears could only hate him more.

Ravana sent 80crore excellent senapatis (not just soldiers),lead by 80000 excellent warriors. These were armed with all types of weapon ,above that were protected by the boon of Rudra ,of being immortal.They simultaneously attacked Hanuman with all force and weapons.sending this much force on a single monkey establishes the fact as how much aggrieved Ravana was by the news of destruction of ashokvatika.

Despite this big force  attacking simultaneously ,it appeared as a hit of garland thrown on a intoxicated elephant,to Hanuman.Siva is layakaraka, his devotees Rakshasas all too got "laya" by the Vayuputra ,who is also the regulator of Shiva.He killed all the 80crore 80000 army within minutes.

He also killed seven sons of Ravana's ministers ,they were all huge like mountains in dimensions. Ravana then sent almost 1/3rd of his army lead by virupaksha,yupaksha,dhurdhara,praghas and bhaskarna ,these were all protected by boons from Bramha and Rudra and entered battlefield garden with complete overconfidence .These alongwith entire 1/3rd army were killed by Hanuman. Hanuman could have killed entire Ravana's army that very day itself, but he stopped the destruction with 1/3rd only .

[This way Hanuman single handedly defeated Ravana's army within no time giving jitters to Ravana  and other demons that if one monkey could bring such disaster then what if Rama with his other monkey's attack.]


Saturday, December 6, 2008

SundarkandNirnay-9 AshokvanaVidhwansa

Hanuman's flight to Lanka ,in search of Seeta and all events upto presenting ring of Rama ,were carried out effortlessly.without fear and specifically to show how powerful he is being a devotee of Rama signifying enormous  strength of God.

Hanuman uprooted all the trees in Ashokvana ,except the one which gave shelter to Seeta. Hanuman destroyed beautiful garden not as a notoriety of a monkey ,but to signal downfall of Rakshas empire,destruction of nishachara evils.

Excepting Seetakruti's shelter tree , all were uprooted; only those works, which give shelter to Shastras and  its teachings ,need be nourished else all has to be uprooted ,this is acceptable to Vayu and such works give immense pleasure to God.

Ravana's Ashok(without grief) vana turned into Shok(grief) by hanuman, but it gave pleasure(ashok) to Devatas. For those who oppose hanuman, even all the pleasures of the world also bring grief, at the same time his devotees enjoy all the pleasure even in grief (samsara). Every work of hanuman,explicitly does dual work of blessings ,removal of misery for devotees and extreme grief to those who sin .This is all done as a service to Rama(vishnuprithyartham) only and not out of some mischievousness(natural to monkey) but out of enormous knowledge and as Bhagvat Dharma.


Friday, December 5, 2008


Hanuman feigned ignorance while searching seeta. It seemed as if Rama was extremely grief stricken in absence of seeta ,he had lost his balance and sent Hanuman to look for her.Hanuman too out of bewilderment seeks seeta ,running  helter skelter inside  and outside Lanka. When eventually he finds seeta , presents her a ring to assure her ,that he indeed was a messenger from Rama. She too sends himm back with a chudamani as a proof that Hanuman indeed had seen her and that would pacify Ram's anxiety.  These thoughts cris- crossed the demons and devatas in the heaven who were observing all these events.

Kali and other evil spirits could see everything everywhere by the boon of Bramha. While observing this playful act of Hanuman and Rama , equally supported by Seeta , their tamosadhana increased as they dedicatedly concluded that Ram seeta and Hanuman were mere mortals,and they grieved like humans ,thus was no God and could be vanquished in the battle. This increased conclusive thoughts entitled them to Andhtamisra.

Trijata however served seeta with devotion .She consoled her and too care of her well in the ashokvatika . She was mother of Kabandha and her service entitled her to be reborn as Subhadra a Lords' sister and Arjun's wife.


SundakandNirnay-7 Chudamani Sweekar

Hanuman enters  Lanka,he looks for seeta all over lanka .Hanuman is sarvagnya ,(one who knows all) yet he enacts to look for seeta everywhere as though  in ignorance. Rama being God had vowed to act like a simple human as Rama, to create confusion and dilemma among the adhama jeevas , so also knowing his masters' intention ,Hanuman emulates Rama .

Sampati had already told that he could see the seeta under a shimshupa tree in ashokvan ,[vultures could see long distant objects] despite that Hanuman searches for seetakruti.

Sithakruti ,[it was not original seeta but seetakruti in lanka ] then alongwith her even ornaments too divided into two ,thus chudamani also accompanied seetakruti. Chudamani's abhimani devata is Vayu, vayu himself carried chudamani is worth noting.

Chudamani is worn in head under the hair .It indicates self pride of the person,offering it to Rama means surrendering oneself to him. Rama presents his ring to seeta through Hanuman ,ring represents the lord's grace and protection to seeta. [note both surrender of soul to God is via hanuman and grace is also obtained only through Vayu ] {ring is an assurance of  shelter and protection , now a days couples exchange rings indicating demand of shelter from bride}

Seeta is shruthi ,chudamani is Upanishads ,it leads to Rama if studied as per Hanumans' (Acharya Anand Teertha 's) teachings.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

SundarkandNirnay-6 Lankini parabhav

Lanka was surrounded by Trikut Parvat .This was very high ranges ,hence they were also knwn as Lamb Parvat.As Hanuman leapt into the air ,Mahendra Parvat thrust inside the earth , similarly when Hanuman landed on Lamb parvat , it became Lamba giri a small mountain due to thrust of Hanuman.

There was ocean around Lanka ,this gave it a Jaladurga formation ,difficult to access but since Lamba surrounded it , it could also qualify as Parvatdurga .

When leaping Hanuman increased his body dimension ,that was Mahima siddhi, Now to enter Lanka Hanuman took a miniature form ,this was Anima siddhi.

All rakshas are nishachar ,they are awake in the night and hence hanuman decided to enter Lanka in the night ,showing his enormous valour

Lanka was protected by Lankini.Every city has a 'gram' devata.Gramdevata protected cities and villages.Praying and offering oblations to the devata ensured protections to the villages and cities.

[ 2000 years after Kaliyuga started  ,gram devatas disappeared from the earth and hence cities and villages expanded without borders and planning.5000 years after kaliyuga ,dieties governing rivers left the earth ,hence we could see drying of rivers , 10000 years after kaliyuga started Hari will leave the earth from temples.People will not worship in temples.]

Hanuman defeated Lankini with a fist strike . Lankini was gana devata from Durga devi's abode.She was a satvik and devotee additionally a woman, hence Hanuman just defeated her and not killed her. Simhika was also a woman but a evil woman hence Hanuman killed her.Hanuman's triumph over gramdevata shows he is the boss of all cities and villages.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

SundarkandaNirnay-5 Simhika vadha

Simhika was protecting Lanka from the ocean. Lanka was inaccessible  ,Simhika was also a factor to it. Simhika had a boon from Bramha that she could pull any creature by its shadow alone. she had the capacity to act on a shadow to paralyze the creature flying and swimming in the ocean. Since it was a boon from Bramha, even Sampati , angad, sugreeva LAkshman etc could not have crossed the ocean for a dialogue with Ravan.

Only Hanuman was capable. Hanuman too was captured by his shadow by Simhika ,but his capture was partly due to Hanumans' intention to honour Bramha's words .She was simhika for name sake only, Hanuman was Jeevasimha ,the devotee of Narsimha ,so it was no wonder he killed simhika  to pieces.


Monday, December 1, 2008

SundarkandNirnay-4 SurasaPrasanga

Surasa was a nagjanani ie ,mother of all the snakes,Kadru,surasa was also wife of Rishi Kashyap.She was daughter of Daksh Prajapati.To test Hanuman,his strength and intelligence ,Devatas had sent Surasa with a boon that whatever she wishes ,let that be in her mouth. Surasa wished for Hanuman ,he went inside her mouth and came out even before she closed it.

Thus Hanuman kept the words of Devatas and did not stop the mission as well .Mission was of God ,Devatas are his devotees, Hanuman,did show his grace on the devotees and their words even as his mission did not get affected,showing his extreme intellect.

Mainak,represented desire for wealth ,Surasa represents jivhachapalya( cravings for tasty food) ,it is important to overcome this craving ,[Bhagvat says conquering rasanendiriya leads to conquering everything],on a spiritual mission.