Friday, March 27, 2009


Did Ram actually eat shabari's uchchistha [left over] . No. According to shastra what we surrender to God is known as naivedya. There are lot of rules and regulation that applies to Naivedya. Naivedya has to be clean sacred and untouched by anyone before offering to Lord. Fruits are never washed before naivedya as they are thought to be offered to Varuna whle washing. As such every entitled gyani and bhakta [ a qualified bhakta is necessarily a gyani ] can never make a mistake of offering impure tasted food. However whateer we offer to Lord comes back to us infinitely and hence a real bhakta makes a maximum effort to offer the optimum elements to Lord . like the best food , best dress , best flowers. Sour fruits bring infinite sourness in life , Moksha is a sweet infinite fruit so obtain it one must offer sweet fruits. It is also known a tree which gives a sweet fruit all other fruits it bears necessarily are sweet. Also when a collection of fruits are present one fruit tasted ensures other fruits are also sweet At the same time , the whole collection is deemed tasted . while eating in a plate once a man touches his food in aplate it becaomes his uchchista for all bramhinical purposes. Others may not feel so. further this plate is not shared. as human body is considered abode of Lord and dining is navaidya to this lord , thus , once plate is not shared as it becomes uchchista [prohibited] when touched by others.
Sim ilarly when shabari tasted few fruits in a collection of the fruits to ensure sweetness and offered other fruits intouched by her to Lord . Lord Ram accepted it owing to her bhakti , but technically it was uchchista by very high standards. In this way Valmiki suggests Lord's grace on Shabari to have accepted her uchchista and never Sage mentions that Shabari offered half eaten tasted fruits to Ram .

Happy Yugadi to all .

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Srikrishna -Sandhi doot

Srikrishna went to advice peace to Dhrutarashtra and his sons. But Duryodhan and other 100 brothers decided to imprison Lord.[ what a foolish thought] this thought single handedly entitled 100 brothers to die at the hands of Bheema . Even Vikarna [ who had showed off his knowledge of dharma in Draupadi vastraApharan episode without conviction] had now defaulted and became fit for death in war.
JAgatpati can he be bound , by nurturing such thoughts evil binds istelf forever in agyana and andhakaar. LOrd rightly shows his Vishwaroopa to Dhrutarashtra [giving him divyadrishti] and asks him to control his sons . His putravyamoha had reaped into a crop of kauravas [ the seeds of mind develop as sons and offsprings] heading for downfall. All other kauravas unable to see the Lord close their eyes. Dhritarashtra begs pardon from Lord and pleads to return to normalcy.
Here again worth noting is the point Lord chides Dhrutarashtra and not Duryodhan , he could have controlled Duryodhan's mind to get him devotional , but Lord does not do so . He left Duryodhan to attain hell .
Even though the entire world is in the control of Lord , he enacts as per the karma and swaroopa of the soul. Though Sandhi was not desired it was enacted to establish a norm of striving for peace in all possible manner sacrificing all personal motives . Thus importance of peace has been glorified in this incident.

Monday, March 23, 2009


In Mahabharath Lord Krishna lifts the chakra to assault Bheeshma ! This is a very interesting scenario from the philosophic point of view. why? Because Lord had vowed not to particpate in the war. He had motivated Arjun to fight the war . Bheeshma was fighting a just war on behalf of Duryodhan only to honour his words [vow]. War was going on in its pace without seemingly any conclusive effects. This had upset Krishna [ God never gets upset, one gets upset only when something out of our control is bound to happen or happening or there may be fear of such events, these qualities cannot be attributed to Lord] Thus this act of Krishna is surprising. Bheeshma was just overwhelmed at the prospect of getting Killed by Vaudev and runs to embrace death. But Arjun halts Lord and persuades him to occupy his seat as sarathi.
So what was the purpose of this rash display?
If Krishna wished that Mahabharath should be decisive war , he can very well make it as all the warriors were his pratbimbas and souls under his command. He could have just spearheadeda fierce war within one of his devotees [ Arjun for instance was specially motivated for it].
Wasn't there a display of faultering on his words[ which God never does , but he threatened to do so , for whom and or what purpose?]
Was Bheeshma so invincible that he could be extolled by Lord in this manner . or was he angry on the Bheeshma for disrupting his intentions?.
Lord krishna is present in everybody's heart , he drives them to perform karma . But he never forces them , he creates ample opportunities to devlop the jeeva into a gyani and base his actions on pure knowledge , knowledge that gives insight into the mode of operation [karma] in accordance with hari 's intentions. Arjun had promised to wage a sincere war , but was very inefficiently fighting against Bheeshma , this was in no way a dharma yudhdha, Both Beeshma were behaving as if they were foirced to fight [as they cannot go against Krishna] and yet were not fully interested in fullfledged war. Bheeshma had a smaal hope that after few days of fight both sides will forget enemity and reunite. Arjun was in no mood to vanquish Grandsire [ it was akin to a freindly duel between the young and the old pals.] This was what upset Krishna heavily , one must abide by the lord , from the heart and not just by lip service. seriousness had left good senses of both the warriors . Thus krishna declared , " do not think I am dependent on you people to finish this war , if not adhered to the order [dharma] the I would myself finsih this in a second. [ While giving discourse of Geeta , Krishna had repeatedly told that I have decided to kill these kaurava and hence they are already dead. You will kill them Arjun , even if you fail to listen to my advice I shall get these evil killed , that too by your own hands , know thy to be subservient to me, but You shall attain hell ! but if willingly and with knowledge you perform this act , you shall gain fame and heaven and my apprecaitin] . This was what Arjun reminded again by this act. Hereafter Arjun fought with greater vigour. And Bheeshma gave away the desire to hold the post.
Those who are desirous of victory in war must meditate Lord as Chakradhar. When faced with many enemies this meditation will give immediate relief.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


  • Narayana is present everywhere! how?
  • He is infinite insize . All jeevas are finite in the size.
  • LaxmiDevi is also infinite insize.In this attribute she is equal to the Lord.
  • Now when wesay infinite ,isit unidimensional ? no !
  • God is infinite in infinite dimensions
  • When he is present everywhere ,He is still capable of making himself available as finite [person in avatar]
  • As vasdev he is vyapta,supports the universe ,yet he can appear within himself.
  • While moving .God does not move like we move from oneplace to the other.When we move our movement is conspicuous by our absence at previous place.In case of God his movement does not pre-empt the previous presence.
  • Thus he can appear anywhere without delay.
  • Thus he can witness the entire world and everyperson simulataneously.
  • This is achintyadbhutshakti of Narayana

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kashi Kshetra

One who dies in a kashi kshetra attains the Moksha! This is true , Lord Shiva has spent entire kalpa praying vishnu sahsra nama day and night in this place, When Lord appeared he asked a boon for the benefit of mankind that he who dies here whether it be a insect animal or man , be granted moksha . Lord Ram granted that of those who die here he will attain moksha for whom the Shiva himself will give upadesha of taraka mantra personnaly in his ears. 
This mantra was given to Shiva by Bramha . One who attains such a good fortune will live as sayujya of Shiva in amukta kashi and finally attain sayujya of Vishnu in Vaikuntha.

Tripur vijay

Shiva killed tripurasur . Vishnu and others became his weapons . This incident some highlight to exalt Shiva. But Vishnu and others give weapons their tejan[ agnigolak]  . As this weapon was under the supervision of Shiva it can be concluded these being subordinate to Shiva . But this is against vedas . This subservience of weapons has come as a boon to Shiva as a result of reciting Vishnupanjar stotra . It is not a natural characteristics of Shiva. Also Shiva kills Tripurasur by recting Vishnumantras . He asks for a boon to be the head of all animals , pashupati and being a Devashuka I should be able to kill Tripur . These are all well recorded in Kurma Purana.
The misuderstood portions are actuall from Kashikhanda of Skanda Purana which are deemed as Tamas Purana. Karna Parva of Mahabharath also stresses that it is Vishnu who is always present in Shiva [ and also by savouring the rasayana during vrushabhavatar as per Bhagavat ] Shiva could vanquish Tripurasur.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Narayana ,the embodiment of mercy

Narayana is merciful . But we out of ignorance usually blame him to be partial, hardhearted and one who does not care to improve the lotr of his devotee[we in context]. This usually happens when we try to pray ,more than pray obesessively demand from the God ,relief from the present difficult situation . If relief is not to be seen immidiate , then most of the people complain , the more devoted we are the more diffciulties are arising. The less devoted and sinners are making merry.
But this is not true.Narayana is merciful . he is atyant dayalu. The Bhagvat proclaims his merciful nature in every chapter . The reading of Bhagavat is recoomended only to bring out that steady and resilient mind about God's merciful nature and complete faith in him.
The response of God is directly proportional to our faith in him. Our faith should come out of Knowledge and devotion. and not on mere histrionics. The more firm our faith is the more quicker and stronger will be his grace on us. But at the same time He also bestows a blanket cover of safety on all propspective devotees as well .This can be only known by those who after having gone through an entire lifetime goes into introspection ,one definitely agrees that Gpd has been protective all through.
At the end of the day , the diffciulties are only way where he washes out our sins , firms up pour knowledge and faith in him. The more we have a doubt in our minds , the more miseries we face. even slightest doubts results into a misery.
Bheemasena is only person [jeevottama] who nurtures no doubt . rest all the beings have some or the other doubts on the Lord.
Satyaki thought Arjuna was equal to Krishna , Yudhisthira thought Krishna could not vanquish Jarasandha , Arjuna thought him at times as friend ,Nakula sent Krishna a notice to release tax in favour of Hastinapur ,dwaraka being subordinate state,Sahadev thought Krishna was the main reasons for all the miseries they were facing , even if he could avoid it he did not !
so on ,every one nurtures some ill will towards HIM , and this forms the rreason for miseries and further birth.
So one must study the shastras as per Srimadanand teertha to dispel all the doubts and gain Aparoksha Gyana

Monday, March 9, 2009


Gangasnana gives one moksha. How?
By gangasnana one cleans up ones sins .When cleansed off sins , one's heart is pure [ shuddha antahkaran ] this facilitates the inclination towards right knowledge . this also induces one to read shastra or listen to puranic lore . This leads to Bhakti towards Narayana. Bhakti makes one make efforts towards Moksha and Bimbasakshatkara. This leads to Moksha . Thus ganga snana lays foundation towards Moksha. But mere Ganga snana does not one makes one go to vaikuntha. If somebody's questions after taking a dip in Ganges and asks " Look am I in Vaikuntha ?" This is the answer by Srimadananda Teertha.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Ajamidha at the time of death , looked at his son named Narayana , he called him affectionately but could only utter nara , yet he attained moksha .Ajamidha had spent all his life in sins yet a last minute rememberance of lord gave him Moksha.
is it really possible?
Even greatest of Yogis fail to remember Lord in his full capacity and glory at the time of death . They somehow get attracted to some thing mundane [ like jad bharath getting attached to a deer] and go to that loka after death. Then ajamidha managed to remeber God at the time of deth . One who could not even spare time to do normal bramhinical duties all his life how could he immidiately recall the need to remember God at the death via his son's name.
Lesson obviously in the story is to keep the names of offsprings as that of lord Vishu to gain as much punya as possible and at the death a possible call to a son might result in callto the lord.
But in case of Ajamidha , he recalled the entire vedas at a strtch with the meaning of OM through nara and immediately his sins got burnt and instead of Yamaduta , Vishnuduta carrued him to Vaikuntha.
As in previous posts it is neccessary to remind that one gets moksha only after h has exhausted prarabdha. In case of Ajamidha [he was aparoksha gyani] only papa prarabdha was left . Thus he sinned all through his life[ as aparoksha gyanis do not have to bear the consequences of future papa as well , ther is no papa lepa] he could be brought back to mainstream muktiyogya gati by a novel means of calling the Lord's name at death ensuring Moksha. This highlights the merciful nature of Lord Narayana , who forgives the sins of a bhakta and grants him moksha by mere thought at death.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


  • People say one gets moksha by seeing the God.
  • Many Yogis meditate to see the lord .
  • Many engage in the penace to get a glimpse of God.
  • But Krishna was seen by everyone in the Mahabharath
  • Why did everyone not go to moksha
  • Duryodhana also saw the Lord
  • Why diod he not go to Moksha.instead he went to andhatamas.

Seeing Lord is definitely the last step in attaining the Moksha.But Lord has to be remembered with complete knowledge and devotion [ to one's extent of capacity] . this capacity if not acquired then one always makes some kind of mistake in understanding the Lord ,even when he is present before us or in the mind in the dhyana.

Hwen we completely understand him to best of our capacity and then when we recite Om with complete understanding [nidhidhyassana of all the concepts [guna] of God as per our complete swarup gyana after aparoksha] then such a recitation will cause openeing of sahasrara AND moksha.

In avatar due to our karma and lesser understanding , even when we see him we may mistake him for a relative ,friend ,or human. our mind cannot be completely be conscious of his almightiness . Even the greats like yudhisthira and Arjun faltered on this . Thus they were coreccted by th Mukhyaprana.

So Knowledge is more important than seeing the God. Gyan comesd by upasana of Mukhyaprana and vedvyasa. .

Duryodhan and others though only of hate when they saw krishna and thus it resulted in narakaIts frought with danger with less knowledge when faced with lord . thus even greats have trembled fearing his displeasure . and declared " oh lord we are incapable of praying you as we do not know your glory , kindly give us the knwoledge to pray you and praise you " .


Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Prahlad had a dream that Lord would appear to him in the form of Narsimha. Firmly believing it , he started meditating on it. He also induces other rakshasha students into bhakti of hari. Finally when His father asked him if his God was present in the pillar , he affirmed , with his sword Hiranyakashipu broke the pillar , but Narsimha emerged from it and killed the Hiranyakashyap. Lord was in a ferocious form , all the dieties had gathered to pray Narsimha , but none had enough courage to approach the lord. He was akin to pralaya rudra which makes a hat out of te bosy of Rudra the ahankar tattva.
Thus everyone made Prahlad as frontrunner to pacify Lord as it was on his request that lord appeared. Lord licking prahlad affectionately , asked him to ask for a boon. Prahlad denied. As his bhakti was nishkaam one and he desired nothing but lord 's bhakti. Lord repeatedly persisted in coaxing prahlad to seek a boon. He offered him three worlds' lordship , even moksha etc but prahlad refused to seek them . After much insisitence Prahlad spoke thus " oh lord , externally you seem to be coaxing me to seek a boon , but internally [ as antaryami you seem to be inspiring otherwise] ,oh lord this is but your leela , you are the regulator of minds of the people .

note : even our minds are regulated and controlled by the Lord. thus externally when he apppears to be asking to seek the boon , internally he inspires the people to go according to Dharma . Dharma is nishkaam karma. satvik bhakti . karma only for Vasudev prithyartham.