Saturday, January 3, 2009

Shri Vishnu is supreme Paramatma

There is only Narayana as supreme entity and there is none equal or greater than him.

So what is the difference that exists between Soul/Atman and Paramatma ?

  1. ParamaAtman is swatantra Independent , Atman is dependent paratantra. He is dependent on God for all his activites ,happiness ,bliss etc.
  2. Paramatma is all pervading ,he does not have limitation in space.Atma  is limited in size ,it is of the size of 1/millionth part of edge of a single strand  horse's tail hair. [anurupa]
  3. Paramatma exists at all times  in a same poornaavastha, Atman comes into this world after he is woken to srujya avastha by paramatma ,hence he has apoorna.
  4. Paramatma gyana is infinite , Atman gyana is finite.
  5. Paramatma does not undergo any organic changes in his body .Atman acquires a body and undrgoes organic changes of this body.
  6. These changes bring about changes in the anubhuti of the Atman in realising self , Paramatma's anubhuti is not different from him.
  7. Atman is either stree or Purusha [male or female] ,Paramatma is both male as well as female.
  8. Atman as a male is dependent on Paramatma and female Atman for its sukha[ happiness] , Paramatma is swarata ,He enjoys his own rupas  ,His Narayani female rupa is present in the Laxmi devi and He gives happiness to her through this rupa with his Purusha rupa.
  9. Atman undergoes Samsara [ life cycle of birh and deaths] Paramatma is never born nor dies.
  10. Atman has to do sadhana to achieve its realisation of self ,Paramatma has no binding onto himself ,he has Achintyaadbhut Shakti[ making impossible possible]


SriRaghavendra Yati- Mahima

SriRaghavendra  Swamy is kalpavruksha and kamadhenu swarup for all those who are righteous and follow him on the way shown by him ,singing the praises of Lord shi MoolRama present in the Brundavan.

Raghavendra yati can bestow all the desired ,santan sampat ,parishuddha bhakti ,vigyan ,at the same time he will destroy all the undesirable qualities [bad characteristics,vices]in the body, some bodily disabilities,on account of doshas ,all these benefits come automatically to those who pray his lotus feet.

By his grace all kinds of vyanga[disfigurement] of body can be set right , childlessness is cured ,the worldly tensions vanish , even if someone is suffering on account of his previous sins [ mahapapa] ,he can obtain relief by the grace of this great saint through his padodaka.

When deeply meditating on his lotus feet , one can experience increase in his ,gyana ,bhakti,suputra,ayu,yashas[fame],shri[wealth],and punya.He can bestow mastery in all the subjects

He will destroy all the doshas like

  1. agyana,
  2. vismruti
  3. bhranti
  4. samshaya
  5. apsmruti
  6. tandra
  7. kampa[vacha kantha mukha and other indriyas]

by chanting his mantra three times in a day  everything wished for can be obtained without doubt.

The capacity to bestow boons and destroy doshas and putright difficulties cannot be completely described , nothing is really unachievable by the grace of this greatest moon of the Madhva siddhanta.

just by namaskar one can obtain all the wishes , just by chanting his name one can obtain enormous knowledge.just by pradakshina of vrundavana one can get all the benefits of a theerth yatra and his theertha can give you punya of all the nadi snana.[rivers]

This world is full of illusive attractions that can distract the mind of the steadfast. this life is samsara akin to the ocean ,which is infinitely deep , and wide impossible to cross over . upon that it has waves of  delusions ,passion sweet infatuations,hurdles,and dissapointments .these waves bring back to the begining, time and again the ever drowning soul in this ocean of samsara. somehow if you sustain it then there are ferocious poisonous aquatic creatures like miseries and hardships ready to swallow us in this ocean. is there any escape from this situation?A deep thought with complete faith in the Raghavendra yatiraat is enough to get you across this ocean effortlessly , just raise your hands in distress of samsara and cry "oh guru Raghavendra ,please hold my hand ,pull me out " you are out of this abyss.

Such is the greatness of this saint ,we are all lucky to have him amongst us and Thank God for providing such easy way out .