Monday, November 24, 2008


Sundarkand is the tale of heroics of Shri Hanuman .

  • Jumping across the ocean,
  • rising of Mainak mountain,
  • Surasa episode,
  • Simhika slaughter,
  • Defeat of Lankini,
  • Entering Lanka
  • Seeing Seetaakruti in Ashok vana
  • offering the ring of Shri Rama
  • Accepting Chudamani of Seeta
  • Uprooting trees in Ashok vatika
  • Destroying Ravana's 1/3rd army
  • Slaying  Akshkumar
  • Indrajit uses Bramhastra
  • Hanuman warning Ravan in his court
  • Setting Lanka on fire
  • Uprooting Madhuvan of Sugreeva
  • Presenting Chudamani to Shri Ram

Every incident is beautiful(Sundar) ,Hanuman is also sunda (complete with 32 lakshana) ,His heroics are sundar,The whole surrounding (Lanka) was sundar, Ram is absolutely sundar (without a second to HIM),Sitadevi is Lokottar sundari, The presentation of the episode is also Sundar in Ramayana . Hence everything being Sundar ,this is SundarKanda (aptly named).



A gyani is neither worried of papa nor desirous of punya. When dharma as prescribed in shastra is carried out ,punya is accrued. This punya ensures swarga. After the death , one enters swarga,he enjoys in the swarga,sometimes one feels jealous at others enjoyments in swarga too. When you have exhausted 2/3rds of your punya,you are mercilessly kicked out of the swarga. From there you fall onto chandraloka,whereby you spun into akasha into the clouds . From clouds you fall alongwith the rain onto the earth in the fields , you are reborn as the grains in the field ,which finds its place in a store ,where someone purchases to have a meal. It enters the human and in 48 days converts as his semen . From there it enters female to form an egg and then you take birth again in a good family.#

Thus for a gyani even swarga is not desirable as it is not permanent.For a sin gives naraka ,whereby after lamenting in hell ,the souls are thrown in a waste taking forms of insects and other animals , which are slaughtered and then finds the semen of an indivdual who eats them.

There is no pride in doing punya or no despise in papa for a gyani , as boh are under the control of God. When one does all the action as hari pooja , papa or punya , it leads to Moksha.

we shall elaborate these in next posts.