Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gayatri and surya

Some say Sun is the main deity prayed by gayatri . But puranas say , Sun is troubled by Mandeh Rakshasas during sandhya . Valkhilya rishis give gayatri  arghya during sandhya and mandeh gets killed giving relief to the Sun. THe mantra which gives relief to Sun how can it be guided by Sun.Sun himself is protected by this mantra. So sun cannot be prime deity of Gayatri . Its Narayana in the Sun who is meditated as gayatri. Sun is his pratima [idol] ,just as idol in the temple is not god ,but God resides in it ,similraly sun is not gayatri , Gayatri resides in Sun.

note : at every instant some place on the earth is experiencing the sunset or sunrise , thus Mandeh trouble Surya all the while and Valkhilya rishis who adorn the wheel of the Chariot of Sun are ever engaged in this arghya dana. Gayatri protects Sun all the time.


Friday, February 27, 2009

Goja Adrija

  • Lord alongwith Garuda Sesha and rudra resides in the forests by name goja adrija  to protect the wild animals ,birds and snakes.[he resides in these animals by those names ]
  • Narsimha resides in forests
  • Vamana in plains
  • Keshava in the mountains
  • Trivikrama in the air
  • Matsya in the water
  • Those devotees who remember lord in this roopas at theses places are always protected.
  • But unaware of these roopas humans are engaged in amassing wealth , progeny and women and occasionally remembering the tradition prays to lord asking for the boons ,just as the animals, while drinking water in the pond , after seeing the moon's reflection go on to eat it too with enthusiasm.
  • krishnarpana

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Vyuh roopa

  • Narayan, vasudev , sankarshana,pradyumna anirudhdha are the five vyuha roopas of Narayana.
  • Narayana is in the earth
  • Vasudeva in the water
  • Sankarshana in Agni,fire
  • Pradyumna in Vayu ,Air
  • Anirudhdha in Akash ,ether
  • This way lord protects us all
  • Narayana is in clouds
  • Vasudev in mist
  • Sankarshana in lightening
  • Pradyumna in the thunder
  • Anirudhdha in the rains


Friday, February 20, 2009

Mantra Rushi Chandas

Mantras are seen [drashtar] by the deities and rishis . Lord hayagreeva is the moola rishi for all the mantras. Subsequently they are seen by Bramha , Indra ,Guru ,chandra and varun agni etc. Rishis then see them and became popular in the world as initiators of mantra.
  • While chanting mantra ,rishi is remembered by touching the head . It signifies as "I bow to you oh rishi who has given me this mantra for my benefit".
  • Then chandas is uttered by touching the mouth signifying " May chando devata help me utter the verses or mantra in specific meter properly"
  • Then the heart is touched mentioning the devata of the mantra signifying " Oh Lord I MEDITATE on you in my heart "
  • Mahalakshmi is the presiding deity of all the chandas.
  • The chandas gayatri is 24 syllables presided by Saraswati ,bharati,swaha
  • ushnik is 28 syllable presided by Sangya
  • Anushtup- 32 - rohini
  • brahati- 36- tara
  • pankti - 40 - wife of mitra varun
  • tristup - 44 - shachi
  • jagati - 48 - varuni
  • For all vedmantras rigvedis should know Indra as rishi
  • Yajurvedis should know surya as rishi
  • Saamvedis should know chandra as the rishi.
  • Narayana is the Devata for all the Vedas.
  • krishnarpanamastu

Thursday, February 19, 2009


  • Mantras consists of syllable aum
  • beejakshara shri etc
  • naam
  • and namaha ,swaha, vashat etc
  • Aum represents Vishnu
  • Shri etc Mahalakshmi
  • SHri also means one who is always wealthy [nitya srimantha]
  • Only Lord Vayu is nitya srimantha
  • thus shri also means Mukhyaprana
  • Nama is of the deity whose mantra we recite
  • namaha is the naman bowing [namaskar] that we mentally offer
  • Thus every mantra itself declares that deity in question whom we are praying be pleased with us and thus be pleased the lord as present in Vayu in that deity
  • Thus being pleased Vishnu bestow us prosperity to us.
  • Those who recite mantras with this anusandhana only get results others do not !!!!
  • Thus Vishnu is supreme denoted by Om followed by Lakshmi and Vayu .
  • krishnarpana

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trividh artha

All veda Vakyas carry three types of meaning.
  • One mainly proclaiming Vishnu
  • Unimportantly [subsidarily] proclaiming the Mukhyaprana
  • tertiarily the deity in question

For example if we are inspecting a line " Surya Atmajagatatsuchakshu "

  • Here Surya is primarily the Vishnu who is the centre of Universe
  • MUkhyaprana is also interpreted as Surya in this case
  • And Finally the diety Surya can also be dependently praised through this verse.

Thus even in case of Gayatri the main deity is Vishnu , secondarily as Amukhya devata Mukhyaprana and subsequently Surya . But Surya cannot be the main deity proclaimed as Gayatri as all the names primarily to Vishnu.

Thus in all Veda verses where other dieties are praised they primarily pertain to Vishnu and tertiarily to other dieties.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Gayatri sadhana

"Dhi yo yo nah prachodayat " saying is to kindle sadbuddi [good senses] .Suryanarayana is prayed for such good senses to prevail. Of all the achievements in life ,gaining good senses [sadbuddi] is paramount . Without good mind all the material benefits gained are of no use. They do not sustain long and quickly dwindle away. Acts done with sadbuddi are longlasting . All the benefits to be of use to us and society they must accompany good sense ,such deployment of resources with sadbuddi can only be of general well being . Thus gaining of sadbuddi is foremost in accomplishing anyfeat by an individual , such acquirig of sadbuddi is aided by Gayatri and hence is of paramount importance to human beings.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mother Gayatri

We take birth from the womb of our mother .Our physical journey starts with this birth. Once gayatri mantra is given to us we take another birth .Our spiritual journey starts with this birth from devi gayatri. The light of knowledge is lit herefrom .Those who do not take care of their mother ,however good they may be, however illustrious their career  may be, however peak fame they attain ,yet their achievements are fruitless , nullified by God . Society does not acknowledge such feats as against neglect of mother .Similarly whatever knowledge is gained without the japa of gayatri ,All the sadhana neglecting Gayatri upasana is fruitless.It is akin to neglect of mother. One must always practice Gayatri.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yogashastra Saara

Mumukshus resort to the practise of Yogashastra to achieve special abilities and gradually Moksha .One who practises yoga he is relieved of all sins day by day .ChittavruttiNIrodha ,this type of yoga enables one to achieve dhyan of Lord Narayan even amidst daily chores of life.

  • By the pranayama namely Rechaka ,Puraka,Kumbhaka
  • Yama niyama like ahimsa satya asteya bramhcharya aparigraha etc
  • Chakshuradi Indriya Nigraha [control of senses]
  • Dharana of type Khandasmruti [ability to concentrate in bits and pieces and regular intervals]
  • Gaining control over antahkarana
  • when one attains Dhyana of Sri Narsimha as the one who is without destruction, lord of everyone ,holding Gada [mace] , atisukshma among sukshma , complete with knowledge and happiness and one who controls the whole universe one attains samadhi.
  • When one sitting in a lonely place ,concentrating on small light  the inner heart where the Lord of Lords Srinarayana resides ,That Lord knows all the minds of people ,resides in everyone's heart and one who can burn all the people like arani ,one must meditate this lord as ourselves subservient to him.
  • This meditation should continue till aparoksha and even after that varnashrama dharma [karma] must not be left.
  • Relinquishing the desires is TAPA , and the knowledge of difference between Jeevatma and Paramatma is VIDYA .Each without the other is like chariot without horses or horses detached with chariot .
  • Just as rice is mixed with honey , these Tapa and vidya together forms best medicine for  disease named samsara.
  • Just as two wings of birds enables it to rise towards its goal , these wings tapa and vidya in coherence gives the goal named Moksha.
  • Vidya and tapa and Yoganishtha  as prescribed by Muni Harita ,when practised by Bramhin ,he very soon leaves his sthoola deha and lingadeha and achieves the Vaikuntha.