Sunday, May 17, 2009

Vaikuntha Varnan

"gandhdwaramduradharshaam nityapushtaam karishinim |ishwarim sarvabhutaanam tamihophavahyeshriyam||"


Saint Vadiraaj has written Vaikuntha varnane in four chapters 1.moksha sandhi  2.laya 3 srishti and 4 stithi sandhi .

This is directive lesson in the journey towards Moksha for a aspirant .It highlights the philosophy of Poornapragnya acharya in very lucid manner .

In the first sandhi after the mangalacharan Vadiraaj elucidates the three avataras of Vayu namely Hanuman , Bheema and Madhvacharya .Srimadananda teertha has brightened the lamp of true knowledge of Lord Vedavyasa  .

He has upheld that , the world in which we are living , the world which we are  experiencing and is witnessing with all the senses and more importantly breathing in the air of the world, such a world is REAL.

Those who claim that everything is FALSE [ MAYA ] , then very tongue with which they are claiming this also becomes FALSE .

How can a false tongue convey anything ? Then speechless such persons cannot argue further !

Thus stressing this logic Vadiraaj quotes the verse " dwasuparna sayujasakhay ........." from vedas [shruti] to bring out the point that ,

Jeeva and Isha are two different birds embracing the tree namely human body .

If a person teases the other in presence of others as " one without qualities " it is seen in the world  tempers rise with fury of anger . Then if such words are attributed to Lord Srinivas  how can they be accepted .

According to Vadiraaj swamy , this chapter is intended to give bhakti to the good and ethical people and increase hate among the uneligibles . Lord Vishnu has been declared  as the greatest in the inquiry made by rishis through Sage Bhrigu .

Such a lord's story [ harikatha] , if not heard ever by those  evil people ,such people's breathing is a mere exercise akin to the blacksmith's equipment . Such people [ who have no bhakti in Lord ], their mundane activities are also akin to the sporting pigs and dogs  at the enterance of city gates .

Their ears [ which have never heard a harikatha ] are akin to the  rat pits . Their eyes which have not rejoiced at the sight of Lord 's Idol are akin to owl . The tongue which has not sung the hymns of Narhari are akin to squeaking frogs .

  • Did Parikshit not attain Vaikuntha ,listening to harikatha in seven days ?
  • Did Khatvang King not attain the Moksha in just 48 minutes ?

Bhakti is paramount in Moksha sadhana . With Nirmal [ unadulterated ] bhakti ,whence one remembers Narayana continuously , souls reach Vaikuntha .

  • Reaching the abode namely Vaikuntha [where Lord Narayana is ever visible to the souls ] is what is known as MOKSHA .
  • The place that never perishes is known as Vaikuntha
  • Vaikuntha is the only true dwelling [ everlasting stay].
  • There Lord Narayana is visible always uninterruptedly in his complete full glory .
  • Those who have attained mukti are known as MUKTA .
  • Vaikuntha is the place where Mukta live ,without fear of return to mortal world ever .
  • ONce entered in this world .one never comes back into the sansaar .
  • once entered in Vaikuntha one is relieved from cycle of birth and death .
  • Vaikuntha has no miseries
  • Vaikuntha has no incompleteness .
  • Muktas are always complete and happy in everyway .
  • SriMahalaxmi with infinite forms serves Lord Narayana in Vaikuntha and also illuminates the Vaikuntha with her radiance akin to hundred crores of Suns put together , in all the 10 directions of Vaikuntha.
  • Vaikuntha of Bhagavan Vishnu is above the satyaloka of Brahma .
  • Untouched by miseries ,sidhdhas and sadhyas are enjoying in infinite ways  each and every moment uniterruptedly ,without end .
  • All these experiences of happiness in the Vaikuntha is the result of service to the Lord Krishna's lotus feet .
  • The bestower of such happiness of Moksha ie Lord Krishna's feet and enjoyer of the happiness ie Jeeva are different and in hierarchy . ie Lord is aiways different and  greater [ infinitely] than jeeva during sansaar , after sansaar ie  Moksha , and also during Moksha , such difference exists and conyinues , among Lord and jeeva and also among Jeevas .
  • Such a difference is truth
  • Such a  heirarchy is Also the TRUTH.


note : this is avery elaborate grantha and over next few weeks the translation of VAIKUNTHA VARNANE will continue .