Friday, February 25, 2011

Yuga Bhedha

In Ramayana
  • Ravanasur attained siddhi through tapasya .
  • He acquired all the astras ,including Bramhastra .
  • He taught it to his son Indrajit as well .
  • Ravanasur was a ordinary soul .
  • He lost his bramhacharya by forcing several women of sevaral lokas .
  • Yet he did not lose his siddhi or capability to discharge astras .

In Mahabharata

  • All the astras were acquired by pure learning and Guruupadesha .
  • Ashwaththama was verily lord Shiva a great soul .
  • Ahwaththama had never in actual lost bramhacharya .
  • Yet he could not discharge Bramhastra
  • owing to loss of bramhacharya just by sankalpa

In Ramayana

  • An attempt was made to abduct Vedmata .
  • the abduction was on account of deployment of deciet .
  • Hari deluded the attempt by deploying Seetakruti
  • Hari came to rescue after a year

In Mahabharata

  • An attempt was made to enslave Vedmata .
  • here too there was deployment of deciet .
  • hari deluded by providing inexhaustible supply of cover .
  • Hari came to immidiate rescue .