Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gyana Ichcha Kriya

Lord Narayana does not force the soul jeeva to enact any karma . On the contrary he has leased his  independence with respect to Gyana ,ichcha and kriya to the jeeva. So when a desire occurs in a jeeva ,his buddhi analyses with available gyana about the status of desire and then according to the conducive circumstance [ external anukula paristithi , which exists or acts as per our poorva janma karma] ,he makes a kriya [efforts] . Now nothing is forced onto him in this process. Jeeva is independent when it comes to desire . One can desire anything ,nothing stops from desiring . Nothing stops you from making efforts either. everybody is free to try out his luck .

But what differentiates one from another is Gnyana . It is knowledge that makes the difference between different people in pursuing their goals. Person with higher knowledge approaches a goal differently than a less knowledged soul at any given point.

Now we have a means to accumulate knowledge .Knowledge is  the only wealth that no thief can steal from us. Our actions though inspired by Lord [who is complete and of independent knowledge] yet we set out our actions as per our local knowledge [distinctly different from Lord] . This gyana is ever increasing birth after birth and experience after experience ,it fortifies . Our acts also so improves as per our gyana. Thus our ability to sin or punya is limited to gyana. One must make maximum efforts to gain gyana.

Thus lesser knowledged suffers more than the one with more kowledge. Mukhyaprana [Hanuman] has complete knowledge and hence he is untouched by grief. Lord gives knowledge when one performs nishkaam karma.


||Na madida Karma balvanta vadare ,ni enu maduve Mukunda ||