Sunday, January 11, 2009


  • Om means one who is complete [sampoorna].
  • OM is made up of letters A U M .
  • A represents the state of awakening
  • U represents the state of sleep
  • M represents the state of dead
  • A is the vishwa
  • U is the taijas
  • M is the Pragnya
  • There is also a fourth state known as Turiya .
  • All these states are under the control of the God
  • Infact OM has eight syllables according to Shruti
  • Now eight syllables  A U M Naad Bindu Ghosh Shaant Atishant
  • These syllables are the manifestation of the rupas of Narayana
  • They are Vishwa Taijas Pragnya Turiya Atma  Antaratma Gyanatma Paramatma .
  • Realisation of the OM with respect to entire eight rupas only entitles one to Moksha
  • From Om emanates entire syllables
  • Akshara that emanate from OM like A E U ..... Ll Ksha etc are all Hari rupa .
  • A is Ajaay namaha .............Ll is Llalukaya namaha
  • Only sanyasi is ordained to meditate on OM the Pranav Mantra.