Friday, March 13, 2009

Narayana ,the embodiment of mercy

Narayana is merciful . But we out of ignorance usually blame him to be partial, hardhearted and one who does not care to improve the lotr of his devotee[we in context]. This usually happens when we try to pray ,more than pray obesessively demand from the God ,relief from the present difficult situation . If relief is not to be seen immidiate , then most of the people complain , the more devoted we are the more diffciulties are arising. The less devoted and sinners are making merry.
But this is not true.Narayana is merciful . he is atyant dayalu. The Bhagvat proclaims his merciful nature in every chapter . The reading of Bhagavat is recoomended only to bring out that steady and resilient mind about God's merciful nature and complete faith in him.
The response of God is directly proportional to our faith in him. Our faith should come out of Knowledge and devotion. and not on mere histrionics. The more firm our faith is the more quicker and stronger will be his grace on us. But at the same time He also bestows a blanket cover of safety on all propspective devotees as well .This can be only known by those who after having gone through an entire lifetime goes into introspection ,one definitely agrees that Gpd has been protective all through.
At the end of the day , the diffciulties are only way where he washes out our sins , firms up pour knowledge and faith in him. The more we have a doubt in our minds , the more miseries we face. even slightest doubts results into a misery.
Bheemasena is only person [jeevottama] who nurtures no doubt . rest all the beings have some or the other doubts on the Lord.
Satyaki thought Arjuna was equal to Krishna , Yudhisthira thought Krishna could not vanquish Jarasandha , Arjuna thought him at times as friend ,Nakula sent Krishna a notice to release tax in favour of Hastinapur ,dwaraka being subordinate state,Sahadev thought Krishna was the main reasons for all the miseries they were facing , even if he could avoid it he did not !
so on ,every one nurtures some ill will towards HIM , and this forms the rreason for miseries and further birth.
So one must study the shastras as per Srimadanand teertha to dispel all the doubts and gain Aparoksha Gyana