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Hanuman feigned ignorance while searching seeta. It seemed as if Rama was extremely grief stricken in absence of seeta ,he had lost his balance and sent Hanuman to look for her.Hanuman too out of bewilderment seeks seeta ,running  helter skelter inside  and outside Lanka. When eventually he finds seeta , presents her a ring to assure her ,that he indeed was a messenger from Rama. She too sends himm back with a chudamani as a proof that Hanuman indeed had seen her and that would pacify Ram's anxiety.  These thoughts cris- crossed the demons and devatas in the heaven who were observing all these events.

Kali and other evil spirits could see everything everywhere by the boon of Bramha. While observing this playful act of Hanuman and Rama , equally supported by Seeta , their tamosadhana increased as they dedicatedly concluded that Ram seeta and Hanuman were mere mortals,and they grieved like humans ,thus was no God and could be vanquished in the battle. This increased conclusive thoughts entitled them to Andhtamisra.

Trijata however served seeta with devotion .She consoled her and too care of her well in the ashokvatika . She was mother of Kabandha and her service entitled her to be reborn as Subhadra a Lords' sister and Arjun's wife.


SundakandNirnay-7 Chudamani Sweekar

Hanuman enters  Lanka,he looks for seeta all over lanka .Hanuman is sarvagnya ,(one who knows all) yet he enacts to look for seeta everywhere as though  in ignorance. Rama being God had vowed to act like a simple human as Rama, to create confusion and dilemma among the adhama jeevas , so also knowing his masters' intention ,Hanuman emulates Rama .

Sampati had already told that he could see the seeta under a shimshupa tree in ashokvan ,[vultures could see long distant objects] despite that Hanuman searches for seetakruti.

Sithakruti ,[it was not original seeta but seetakruti in lanka ] then alongwith her even ornaments too divided into two ,thus chudamani also accompanied seetakruti. Chudamani's abhimani devata is Vayu, vayu himself carried chudamani is worth noting.

Chudamani is worn in head under the hair .It indicates self pride of the person,offering it to Rama means surrendering oneself to him. Rama presents his ring to seeta through Hanuman ,ring represents the lord's grace and protection to seeta. [note both surrender of soul to God is via hanuman and grace is also obtained only through Vayu ] {ring is an assurance of  shelter and protection , now a days couples exchange rings indicating demand of shelter from bride}

Seeta is shruthi ,chudamani is Upanishads ,it leads to Rama if studied as per Hanumans' (Acharya Anand Teertha 's) teachings.