Thursday, April 30, 2009

SarvaSamarpana Gadyam -4

"svahridayamadhyastithasushmna nadi .................... tavatsankhyakedanadishu tattaadyogya tatkalanusar prapt tattannadisthith "

In the middle of heart of the human being ,there is sushhumna nadi . It has  nadi to its right  by name pingala  with  50 branches . similarly Ida to left also 50 in number of  sub nadis .

In these nadis namely Ida and Pingala exist

  • 16  swaras from " A to Am Aha " Akaradi swaras ,
  • 34 kakaradi [ ka ga ta etc] vyanjana 
  • totalling 50 in number of Aksharas .
  • Lord dwells in these nadis with the lordship of Aksharas ie
  • Am Ajaya namaha ,.............
  • kam kapilay namaha ,...............
  • ksham srilaxminarsimhaya namaha etc;

As according to the capacity of the jeeva ,at the relevant hours, Lord as present in these nadis carry out soul's journey .

note: In the sthula deha [body] of humans , from the muladhar [ place between the testicles and rectum ] to the centre of the head[skull] runs a nadi by name Sushumna . It is composed of five sub nadis by name vajrika, arya, prakashini ,vaidhruti ,bramha nadi .

When this Sushumns reaches navel , it splits into Ida and Pingala to left and right side of the body . These Ida And Pingala end in the nostrills of human body , they are primarily responsible for the flow of breath and its porting to various parts of the body .

These Ida and Pingla furthers splits into branches to be spread across the body to form 72000 nadis in the body . Lord is present in these nadis , exhibits his qualities according to the capacity and karma of the /jeeva  . Tattva devatas also while carrying out the karma of the soul , carry out their upasana of Lord as present in these nadis of each and every human being .


SarvaSamarpana Gadyam -3

" Hinkaradi shat saam Pratipadya "

Saamveda has six parts and each is presided by  the Lord by the same name . They are

  1. hinkar
  2. gayatri
  3. rathantar
  4. bruhat
  5. bhadra
  6. rajas

because Lord is prayed by these six saam , he is also known by name  SAAM ;

"ShatKaal Niyamak "

we have six parts in a day

    1. pratah kaal      6-8.24 am
    2. poorvaanha     8.24 - 10.48 am
    3. madhyanha       10.48 - 1.12 pm
    4. aparanha             1.12 - 3.36 pm
    5. sayankaal              3.36 - 6 pm
    6. ratri kaal                 6pm -6 am
  1. krutyuga
  2. tretayuga
  3. dwaparyuga
  4. kaliyuga
  5. yugasandhi kaal
  6. pralayakaal

these are also shatkaal and Lord  Sriman MoolRamchandra is the niyamak ,regulator for all these .

" Aniruddha Pradyumna sankarshana vasudev varaah narsimha shanmurtyaatmak "

these above mentioned six kaal are regulated by

  1. Aniruddha
  2. Pradyumna
  3. sankarshana
  4. vasudev
  5. varaah
  6. narsimha

Lord in this forms is also present in us , so at those different time periods , being externally in the time and internally in our body those forms inspire at those times the Tattvadevatas to regulate our appropriate karma and karya as prescribed at befitting those periods of yuga and time of the day .

note : as we have shat kaal in a day , yuga are also shat kaal for bramha and others ; entire kalpa is also a day for bramha .