Sunday, November 2, 2008

Your Questions My Answers

All the questions ,inquisitive queries can be posted here . Answers to these will only be as per the dictum laid down in the shastras. Our philosophy does not give importance to a thinking or conclusions of an individuals or humans. Every thing should be backed by Vedas and smritis. I would answer to the best of my capacity, intelliegent and learned should only take the best leave out the defects as a mercy.



Narayana has kaustubha mani dangling on his chest. He also holds sudarshana chakra,abja padma,koumodki gada and shankha.This shankha gives all kinds of prsoperity .It fortifies all gains of knowledge. When Dhruva opened his eyes after long penace . he was surprised to see the same person(the one he was meditating)  before him . He being a child, felt short of words to praise lord. Understanding his feelings , God tousched his shankha to his cheeks . This made him a scholar to praise Keshava.shankha is sridevi ,Kaustubha  is Bramha ,Chakra is Durga, Padma is Bhudevi, gada is Vayu dev, SSharanga is Saraswati . All Gods' ornaments are manifestation of Laxmi.She personally looks after Him even if she has many servants.Thus Laxmi is most dear to Krishna.